Stop for a moment. Dream back to the time when you were limitless. Maybe you were 4 or 5 or even 7 – before you learned the word “impossible.” You could be invisible, or fly, or walk through walls. Feel that tingle of your unlimited possibility.

Could you accept that this incredible power is your REAL truth? Simply and innocently accept that reality for a moment now. Feel the wonder of your authentic wildness. Could it be that what you’re feeling is your connection to universal source?

That’s your Authentic Wildness Expressed (AWE). It’s your creativity and magic. It’s calling to you.

AWE creates the super hero and the beautiful princess. The exotic dance and the daring adventure.

AWE is fearless, curious, and spontaneous. Remember picking up a bee by its wings, or climbing the roof to see the view or running through sprinklers on a hot day?
Then we grow up. Become mature. So we know better than to believe in our unboundedness. And we leave AWE behind. We live in the certainty that reality is serious. We measure our time in rational buckets.

Fantasy is not held in high regard in the world of growing up. We leave it behind to fill a role as mother, father, boss, manager or neighbor. We tell ourselves it is time to mow the lawn instead of rolling in the grass. We leave the adventure for our children or grandchildren. As we watch them, something is calling to us still. Their untamed energy touches our hearts. And, if we’re lucky, it opens us to outrageous possibilities.

Look carefully, and you’ll find it is still there for you, fueling fascination with Olympic athletes, or other acts of daring and excellence. AWE fuels bravery and deep compassion.

If we’re truly wise, we never give up that longing. You could wear a red hat. Travel to Africa. Start a new business. Or take up singing. How dare you be outrageous? Actually, how outrageous do you dare to be?

Consider the oldest person we know of: Jeanne Calment. She lived to 122. She began fencing lessons at age 85. She continued to ride a bike until she was over 100.
Following our hearts in AWE can add more time to our life or put more life in our time.

If you think that AWE is self indulgent – think again. AWE is not about YOU. AWE is what was given to you by the divine source. It’s part of your divine contract. It’s the power you were sent here to deliver. Recognizing it and honoring it restores your personal connection with the Divine. In short, AWE is not only your gift to the world, but puts you in deep touch with your profoundest truth.

If you, like many others, have left your sense of wonder behind, take heart. It is never too late to reconnect with your AWE. If you are willing to defy expectation, then 40, 60 or 80 can be a perfect time to discover your divine purpose and truth.

AWE is the connection to youth, curiosity and adventure. It’s your Outrageous Choice to tap into this boundless source energy and live from your deepest heart.

There are three steps to enlivening your own AWE:

1. Acknowledge, Awaken and Accept

Acknowledge that this yearning exists, especially if you have ignored it. Awaken that sense of the hero or the blinding beauty or the magician within. Then accept that YOU ARE the magician in your life when you decide to open the door of possibility.

2. Wonder, Wellspring and World Consciousness

You could choose to respond to AWE with either wonder or disbelief. Disbelief shuts it down, while wonder gives it a home. Wonder opens the wellspring which continually refreshes you at the core. As you open, you become conscious that there are others – kindred spirits embracing their AWE – even as you do. World consciousness is the realization that all other beings are integral to YOUR story and spirit connects all at our wildest core.

3. Energize, Expand, Elevate

Energize yourself in mind, body and spirit. Read whatever interests you. Be present in your body through meditation or exercise or conscious breathing. Since whatever you focus on expands, elevate your thoughts by focusing only on what you want. Do you wonder what you’re focusing on? Take a look at your life. That will tell you immediately. If you do not like what you see around you – it is time to change your focus. It’s time to re-design your internal landscape at the first step to change the outside.

As you accept AWE into your life, your horizons grow. Opportunities begin to seek you out. Contacts, relationships and events fall into place with uncanny synchronicity. You feel more alive as increased energy flows through your veins. Isn’t it time to dance with your inner spirit?

AWE is a practice which I invite you to undertake. It is a moment to moment return to the present. Say Yes. You life depends upon it. The YES Connection is your part in creation.

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