The chart below is a gray webmaster visit, after only one of the influential people shared my content.

The exact summit of this chart is the day when I provided reference for linking my education to affluent Internet marketing people and asked them to share my content.

Several important things about increasing traffic to the site with the help of the Influencer

There are a couple of things to notice about this kind of traffic increase. . Others are also waiting for their turn. There are hundreds of comedians looking for a way to show their talent. You can help them by setting up an online comedy club and online laugh.  Every video can improve Alexa rank in every website.  Nobody feels like overexerting themselves in the summer heat ... that includes those pesky marketing projects that nobody seems to want to take on like improving your Alexa ranking.  But, did you know that with a few clicks of a mouse, you can Buy Alexa traffic which will positively impact your score quickly?  And with the right company, it's safe, easy and affordable.

First of all, this increase may be permanent, temporary, or temporary, depending on how the Influenza person shares your content.

For example, publishing content in the Instagram story will increase the temporary visit and in Telegram you will see a relatively temporary increase in visits. But if your content is posted as a post on the Influencer website, it can be a permanent and valuable visit to you.

Another important point to consider is how we should use the Influencer to promote our content. Here are some points that you need to follow:

  • Our content must be unique in the first place! Their unique content will satisfy themselves.
  • Your site should have the ability to withstand a rapid increase in temporary traffic, and so your site should not be down by increasing site visits. Because it's not good for a brand personality or SEO!
  • The page is optimally prepared, for example, you should run your Lead Generation processes in optimum mode, and the page that you are looking at can well serve the visitor to your ultimate goal (which may be membership or sale). .
  • Make sure that the person interested in your subject matter is interested. To make sure this is a matter of fact, you should review the content previously shared by these people to see if the content is the same as yours.
  • After complying with the three above, we must ask the Influencer. Be sure to express your wishes at the right time, in the proper context and with a completely respectful tone.
  • Do not be afraid to say phrases such as "Please share my article" and be sure to tell your intent.

How do we find the influencers and influencers of our field of work?

There are several ways to find influential people in different business areas:

  • Find the names of the famous people you've heard about your business. Find your personal website, LinkedIn account and their various social networks and find ways to connect with them.
  • Sign up and operate in business-related telegram groups. Usually the content generated by influences in the telegram channels is turning around and you can identify them in this way.
  • Participate in events, conferences, workshops, and more. See who's influential and get in touch with them.
  1. Increase site traffic by improving CTR

An incredibly easy way to increase site visits is to increase and improve click rates or CTR !

You do not have to fight for higher ranks in Google results, spend, time, and more ... Instead, just increase your clickthrough rate. This way, you can easily visit traffic and traffic from your opponents, and this will increase your website traffic and reduce traffic to competitors' websites! (With a beam, two badges!)

Let me take an example;

Suppose you have Google Rank 3 on the keyword X, and this phrase is quoted 1000 times a day. Now if your hypothetical CTR is 4% and you can bring it down to 8% with a little bit of modification, then your website's share is from 40 to 80 people per day. In fact, you are attracting more than 1200 visitors a month! (Note that a 4 percent increase in CTR is not a difficult task!)

CTR What words to improve?

Before we say how to improve the CTR, we need to see which words and phrases are worth the time. That is, you must select words that have a lot of power to increase our site visits. ....  There's a way to do this that's safe, easy and affordable! Buy website Traffic and Don't waste your time casting your sales net too wide.  Instead, target exactly the types of prospects you want by geography or keywords to greatly increase campaign success!


To do this, I recommend using Google's new webmaster. To access the new Google console, click on this option:

Click the Try the new Search Console option in the Google Home Webmaster Tools menu.

In the new version of the Google Console, in the Performance section, which is equivalent to the Search Analytics, is the old version of this tool, you can arrange keywords based on your custom filters. To do this, click on the icon below:

With the ability to filter keywords, you can arrange them in their own order.

Now set up a few filters below:

  • Put the timeframe in the last 7 days.
  • Position on a smaller than about 5 to 7 position.
  • Sort words by far from Impression.

In this way, the words above are the list of items that have a very high hits, and your site has been ranked within these keywords for an average of seven days on the Google homepage. Now what you need to do is look at the top of this list which words have less CTR. You choose these words and in order of priority, to optimize your CTR.

Let me give you an example for a gray webmaster. Look at the picture below:

Now in this list, which is arranged in order of importance, the two words "Buying a Subscriber Signal" and "Positioning the Post at the Instagram" are more important to me.


Because now in these words, I am on Google's first page, and these words have a lot of hits, but my CTR is low. So just increasing the CTR could increase traffic to my site!

Solutions to increase and improve click rates (CTR)

In the article, clickthrough rate or full CTR, I've talked about tips and techniques for increasing CTR. But if I want to briefly outline some of the strategies, I would say:

  • Add your number as your meta. (10 methods ... - ... 23% ....)
  • Use emotional and exciting titles.
  • Use a series of special words in the title, such as: Updated, Updated, Download, Free, Now, and ...
  • Test different titles and choose the best ones.
  • Write the meta description to the CTA and insert the value into the first 160 characters.
  • Keep your URL as user-friendly as possible.

An interesting point!

The interesting thing about CTR is that increasing the click rate will increase your site's visibility.

But another good thing also falls to you!

Today's CTR is one of the most important factors in Google's ranking, and as your click rate increases, your site's ranking also increases!

Finally, this increase in your site's ranking will also increase your website traffic!

So, improving the clickthrough rate or click rate is a great way to increase website traffic and get the most out of it with the least amount of energy!

Well, dear friends, I hope this article is useful to you. Take a break this summer!  Buy organic website traffic as a part of your integrated marketing plan and let us do the heavy lifting for you.  Between our standard and premium services, we have something for every budget and need.  The best part is that all services are targeted so that you can cast a narrow net and find your ideal demographic. 

I'd love to know what you think about these methods, which one you prefer most and which one you answer the most?

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