We’ve all heard of the crazy coupon and discount lady, but it turns out that, that lady might not be as crazy as you think. Sure, she spends a little bit of extra time shopping around looking for an online coupon or coupon code, or spends a few extra minutes in line at the grocery store, but we bet she’s saving a lot more money than you may think.

Let’s think about it for a minute. Imagine you save $1 a day on groceries using coupons. Over the course of a year, that means you’ll save over $365! Multiply that by 10 years, and now you’ve saved over $3, 650 on groceries, just by cutting out a few coupons of 25-50 cents each. And the fact is that many coupons, especially online ones, actually save you a lot more than that. Most people actually save a few dollars every time they use coupons. So just imagine the amount of money you can save over time with the quick habit of printing off or cutting out your coupons.

So now that we’ve convinced you that couponing is worth it, let’s give you a little couponing 101.

Where can you find coupons?

If you want to start couponing, the first step, obviously, is to start finding coupons. There are several different places that you can do this:

• The newspaper - Yes, the newspaper still exists, and it is an excellent place to look for coupons to use in stores within your neighbourhood. If you really like the coupons available that week, be sure to pick up more than one paper so you can stock up.

• Grocery stores - Who would have thought that one of the best places to pick up coupons would be in the grocery stores themselves? Many stores post coupons near their entrances, or offer in-store booklets as well - all you have to do is ask!

• Online - The internet is one of the best sources for finding discounts and deals. Sure, you have to do a little searching, but an online coupon or coupon code can go a long way - and there are thousands of them out there. Many couponing websites offer printable coupons that you can use in stores, as well as online coupons that you can use for online shopping.

• Manufacturers - Many people don’t know this little secret, but if you provide feedback to manufacturers, many of them will often send you coupons or, if you’re lucky, even free samples!

• In the mail - If you’ve never thought of couponing until now, chances are that you’ve thrown out thousands of dollars worth of coupons sent to you by mail. Stop throwing and start saving.

What do you do with all of your coupons?

Please don’t throw all of your coupons into a drawer. Couponing should be quick and easy, and there’s nothing quick or easy about spending half an hour looking for your coupons when you need them. Invest in a coupon binder and create categorical inserts. This way you’ll know exactly where to flip to when you need a coupon for some more butter.

What is an extreme couponing?

When it comes to getting a discount with coupons, there are two types of coupons. First there is the casual couponer. The casual couponer will search for coupons in their spare time, save coupons when they come across them, and use their coupons to save a few dollars each time they shop.

An extreme couponer, on the other hand, takes things to a whole new level. They spend a great deal of time searching and sorting through newspapers, magazines, and in stores for coupons, and rarely purchase anything on the web without an online coupon or coupon code . Extreme couponers stock up on coupons, and often end up buying products in bulk, saving themselves a great deal of money when shopping. Some extreme couponers even save enough coupons to get products for free, and then resell them for a less than market value to make money.

How do you become an extreme couponer? You start by becoming a causal couponer. Extreme couponing is a great way to save, and even make money, but is very time consuming and takes a little practice. Start out slow, and once your comfortable with casual, then get a little more serious.

Here are a few tips for beginners:

• Pre-plan - When shopping in-store, pre-plan your trip. Know what you are going to buy and what coupons you are going to use, and then you won’t be one of those annoying couponers that makes everyone wait in line for 30 minutes.

• Use your largest coupons first - Sometimes coupons can counteract one another, so always use the one that is worth the most first. This way you won’t run into this issue.

• Stock up - Don’t print just one online coupon or discount, print multiples. This way you can buy more than one, and stock up on whatever it is you are buying.

• Know your lingo - Yes, coupon lingo is a real thing, and if you want to start couponing, it’s important that you know it. Do you know what BOGO means? Okay, that one was easy. But what about OYNO? Or MIR? If you answered no, it’s time to start studying up!

• Understand and know store policies. This way you can’t get in a fight at the register with an attendant who tells you that you can’t use your “clearly usable” coupon.

Well, that’s all the time we have for now, but that was a quick 101 on discounts and couponing for beginners. What will you do with all the money you save? We have a suggestion! Every time you save money , put the money saved into a savings jar. Count it up at the end of the year to see how much your coupons saved you, and motivate yourself to continue couponing next year! What are you waiting for? Start searching for your next online coupon and coupon code today!

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