Have you heard the expression, "There's an app for that"? These days, you probably have. It seems like for every task you need or want to perform there is an application, or app, for your mobile device. That even goes for court reporting! There are companies out there who have developed mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android cell phones that integrate deposition services into the convenience of a mobile device. These court reporting apps include features like instant access to your case repository and a client-care center. Using these Ipad Court Reporting apps, you can also stream real-time depositions right to your mobile device!

Real-time court reporting apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices

There was once a time when the only way to view a live transcript feed was to log on to your home computer. Those days are gone! Now, thanks to companies like Gramann, lawyers can access live feeds right from their mobile devices. That means that an attorney can be in attendance at a deposition and can make notations about important testimony, pause the feed, make notes, and more. From there, the saved file can be sent to computer for further review and case preparation.

Gramann has created a way for attorneys to instantly access their Online Client Center and Online Case Repository. The app is free of charge to clients and is available through the Apple App Store and through Android Market if you have an Android device. Simply search the term "Gramann" and you'll find it. Simply register and create a user name and password and you'll be well on your way to the newest frontier in court reporting.

By using these new court reporting apps, attorneys and their support staff will now be able to:

Check trial schedules and deposition schedules
Access case file information and search by case name, case number or other criteraia
Search transcripts in the repository area
Access information about invoices to clients, both paid and outstanding
Ask questions and track the progress of them
Keep contact information current
...and more!

Mobile court reporting apps are, in essence, designed to help today's busy lawyers keep pace with the speed of their lives. They are an on-the-go version of what the lawyers have been using in their offices, but they are so much more than that, too. These apps integrate new features into the court reporting and deposition process that are not available anywhere else, making it truly a new and exciting experience. With these apps, lawyers truly do have their worlds in the palm of their hands. It is the perfect synthesis of on-the-go convenience and timely, accurate information that combine to help any lawyer stay on top of everything he needs to know to do his job well. It's almost like haivng a support staff right in your mobile device. The only thing you can't teach it to do is to get your extra-large latte for you every morning. What are you waiting for? Read more to find out how these court reporting apps can revolutionize your legal practice.

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