Persuasion is the art of influencing one into accepting a new ideology, thought, attitude, decision or action, using any technique that is either or not logical. Subliminal covert persuasion techniques are mind tricks used to influence one's way of thinking. In fact, in most cases, without him or her realizing what is going on. The Jedi mind tricks, on the other hand, are mysterious tricks that combined illusion and force to dominate, control and influence the mind of people.

In Jedi mind tricks, the forcer, user or the influencer uses mind control in a more invasive way. It is done by taking over the thoughts of the victim. The aim is to gather and master high powers and the more power gained, the more one can be controlled.

Such tricks were used during ancient times by rulers and kings. For instance, during the war, they could influence the thoughts of the enemy and either make them drop to their death or change sides and fight for them. These principles are actually used for violent targets.

There are several conversion mind techniques that exist, which in a way, exhibits characteristics of the Jedi mind tricks.


This is a way of influencing people by leading them rather than forcing them into carrying out actions or making decisions of their own. This concept is mostly used in advertisements, where the advertisers attempt to connect positive feeling and emotions to a product, advantages for selling a brand, service or a cause of action such as selling.

This is evident in some cases like where a commercial advertisement creates scenes of laughter and happiness. For example, companies use images of famous athletes to advertise things that directly relate to them. You can find it in sports shoes, golf balls, and sometimes things that don't necessarily relate to this field, like beer and pop corns. The main aim of the advertiser is to make a connection between the product and the consumer.

Social Proof

It can experimentally be proved that people will always do things that they see other people in their vicinity doing. An example, if one person in a crowd looks up to the sky in a crowded place, it will be observed that people in the crowd will also look up to the sky just to see what the other person was observing. If the first guy stopped, the second targeted sample of people would still look up to the sky and, in fact, more and more people would join the act. This theory is applied in advertising to lure people into buying certain products, since it is known that most purchases are made emotionally.


This is a kind of persuasion that influences the opinions of people and their behavior by technically and strategically devising and spreading partial information and is aimed at reaching large population targets. In other words, it's aimed at reaching an audience.

Propaganda can be 100% true or present partial facts or in a selective way, leaning toward a certain point of view or present information in an emotional way to capitalize on feelings of audience and leading them to making them or not making their decisions rationally. This trick can be used in times of a crisis to change the mind of an audience and possibly make them engage in violent behaviors just like in Jedi mind tricks.

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