As cases of COVID-19 increase, we continue to fly by the seat of our pants, barely staying on top of what is going on.

Medical professionals and first responders are doing all they can to save lives while putting their own lives at risk. Let’s remember all those who are literally risking their health and do what we can to make their life easier by minimizing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Highest Risk Group

Older adults and people who have chronic medical conditions including heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension are at higher risk for more serious outcomes of COVID-19 including crippling illness and death.

This has to do with their immune systems weakening as they age, making it more challenging for older adults to fight off the disease.

However, in many geographic regions, younger people are being directly impacted. As with older people, those most impacted have compromised immune systems.

Does this mean only people with preexisting conditions are at risk. Absolutely not. But it does mean those who are healthier to begin with, are less likely to be critically impacted.

No one is exempt from COVID-19, yet many have an increased risk.

Amazingly, some people are choosing to make very unhealthy lifestyle choices at a time they would benefit from doing just the opposite.

Is it that people are so stressed out they will do anything to stuff the pain? Is it that they really don’t understand how essential what they consume is? Is it that people could care less? Or is it that they just don’t have enough information yet?

Steps for Self-Care

It is critical for everyone to practice all the recommended steps to protect yourself.

-Social distancing
-Stay at home for other than essential trips out for groceries, medical needs and exercise
-Wash your hands… a lot
-Clean countertops, doorknobs, phones, remotes, light-switches, etc. that are frequently used
-Wash clothes frequently
-Eat healthy and avoid processed foods (okay, that one is not mandated but highly recommended by health officials and yours truly)
-Stay hydrated

Economic Solutions

While many people are dealing with stress due to the uncertainty of their health, most of us are dealing with the downturn of the economy. As a business owner, I am in fact, feeling the impact.

However, rather than let the downturn get to me, I am looking at ways to lay a solid foundation for the future. Sure, I can freak out and play the, “What if” game, or I can focus on how to prepare for when the economy turns around.

Part of what I am doing is evaluating what I can streamline in my business and what products and services I can offer moving forward.

I’m also reaching out to friends, colleagues and clients to touch base by phone. The purpose of these calls is to let people know I care.

Moving Forward

If we continue to do what we’ve done, we will continue to get what we’ve got. What the heck does this mean? Simply put, moving forward it’s absolutely essential people do what they can to improve their health, thereby minimizing their risks for not only a resurgence of COVID-19 or another virus, but also diseases that are, in fact, preventable to a large degree.

To continue to eat processed foods, not exercise, and not do things to manage stress is only asking for more trouble moving forward.

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Kathleen Gage is committed to raising awareness about healthier lifestyle choices that are compassionate to animals and the planet. She has owned her business since 1994. As a business strategist, she is also an author, speaker and consultant.

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