COVID-19 or Coronavirus is a respiratory disease caused by a large family of a new type of viruses. It can range from a common cold to a more severe condition. This disease was first reported in the Wuhan city of China. Other types of Coronaviruses includes are Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

The speed of its transmission is quite fast, so it’s necessary to take some preventive steps when stepping outside. The use of an N95 mask can help in preventing the people from inhaling viruses from the air that can be caused by an ailing human. Moreover, N95 mask uses are not limited to prevention from the diseases but also the smoke, allergens, pollutants, and much more.

Let us now get more insight into the symptoms and preventive measures of Coronavirus or COVID-19.


The symptoms of COVID-19 can range from a mild illness to a disease like pneumonia that makes breathing difficult. By attracting this disease, a few may get recover easily, but others may get sick quickly and will take time to recover. Few significant symptoms of Coronavirus include:

• Fever
• Flu as sire throat, coughing, and fatigue
• Shortness of breath
• Feeling of pain or pressure in the chest
• Confusion state
• Bluish face or lips

Medical professionals have identified these symptoms of the COVID-19 while diagnosing patients. These symptoms can be seen within two days to fourteen days after the person is exposed to this virus. A few people may have this disease, but being unaware they can spread it to other people.

Moreover, these symptoms may be seen in people who have lower immunity or facing chronic medical conditions. Even older adults are also prone to attract this virus fast in case they come in contact with an infected person.

Preventive Measures:

If you are facing any of these symptoms, then it becomes necessary to contact the medical health professional in your city soon. You can even contact the free customer care numbers of health centers. Below are a few more preventive measures that you can adhere too:
•Wash your hands if you touch anything while traveling or at your workplace. Keep a sanitizer handy or wipes to minimize the risk.

•Use a quality N95 pollution mask when you are venturing out as it will provide cover against the harmful viruses, pollutants, smoke, or any type of allergens.

•It is mandatory to get yourself tested if you are facing any of the COVID-19 symptoms. In case you have returned from abroad, then it is better to seek medical attention as prescribed by the government authorities.

•Disinfect the surfaces at your home or working place can also help in averting this virus or other types of germs too.

So, it is essential to take preventive measures that will help in averting the symptoms of this disease altogether. If you are looking forward to types of N95 masks for securing yourself from viruses or pollution, then visit and purchase the quality N95 masks.

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