It has been months that COVID19 has become an integral part of our daily reality of life. Since the outbreak happened in mid-January 2020, nothing has remained the same. Businesses are quickly changing according to the radically altered demands from the customer base. Nothing is how it used to be before. As a result, you as the business owner need to think of changes too. Hence, the SEO companies all over the world are now changing their strategies so they can help their clients to get adapted to the changed situation all over the world.

Right now, customers have various questions for businesses. They are like,

  • How the business is operating?
  • If the brand is offering their products/services the way they used to do?
  • Have the brands changed their policies in light of the current situation owing to the pandemic?
  • Are your products safe for consumers?
  • What are the precautions and regulations the brand is following to make safety the priority?

That is why you need to answer them by quickly making some necessary changes while managing your online presence or your website. What will be your COVID19 checklist? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Local Business Listing

The local business listing or the directory listing is a very important factor when it comes to attracting the local audience. Now, it is more important than ever. With the business listing, anyone can get the necessary information like the operating hours, the address, and so on. With the pandemic, it is most likely that your business definitely has changed operating hours along with some other modifications. So, if you are already working with a company of digital marketing services, notify them so that they can make these changes on the business listing. You can also update the information not just on Google but also on Yelp or TripAdvisor. You can also create local posts with Google that will show up with the Searches or Maps and will remain live for 7 days.

Update Your Business Site

The people who are visiting your website will be looking for the COID19 related information first in terms of what changes you have made for the business. For that, they will visit the FAQ page more. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is update your FAQ page with the relevant information. Also, adding a dedicated web page on COVID19 and updating it regularly with the information related to your brand and relevant to the customer base. Outsource SEO services so that a reputed agency can take care of this while you focus on the immediate priorities of your business.

Data and Product Feed

For retailers, it is necessary that you keep the product feed updated all the time so that your customers get to know the status while placing the order. The availability status should be easily visible as people don’t really have time to waste now browsing through only one website for the essential items. The date should always remain updated whether the product is in stock, out of stock, limited availability, non deliverable, and so on.

For events, make sure you are making the announcement beforehand whether they have been canceled or postponed. For virtual events, set the event attendance mode and use the virtual location type.

Hire an affordable SEO company that will be able to take care of this checklist and maintain your online presence during the crisis.

Author's Bio: 

Mitali Purkait Ghosh is a the CEO, and Co-Founder of Digital Concepts, an emerging affordable SEO company. Here she writes on the COVID19 checklist that every brand should follow while maintaining their online presence and how companies of digital marketing services can help.