CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is the emergency procedure applied in order to revive a patient suffering from a breathing problem or is gasping for breath. It is generally required during cardiac arrests. It can be performed in and out of the hospital. The person providing CPR should be well experienced and trained; however, it can also be given by the person having an idea about CPR in case of emergencies.
The CPR test involves chest compressions and artificial respiration technique. The chest compressions have to be performed at 100 compressions per minute to keep the blood flowing to the heart artificially. In artificial respiration technique includes exhalation of air into the mouth of the victim either manually or by using a device to force the air in the lungs of the victim. CPR alone is unlikely to re-start the heart. The purpose of CPR is to maintain the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart and avoid the tissue death.
It is important for everyone to learn this life saving technique. You can be helpful to someone in an emergency. CPR can be needed in cases of electric shock, heart attacks, poisoning, drowning, suffocation, choking, ventricular defibrillation, etc.
For working as a CPR professional, you should possess the CPR certification. The CPR certification can be obtained after giving the CPR test. CPR test can also be given to refresh your knowledge of CPR when you hold CPR certification in the past. You can give this CPR test online. The online test includes the questions related to the CPR techniques. You cannot complete your complete CPR course online as it includes practical training for performing CPR on mannequins. For this part of the test, you need to visit the medical care centers registered for providing CPR trainings. Here you can refresh your knowledge on CPR and perform CPR on mannequins.
The CPR tests are available in multiple choice questions and should be completed within one hour. You can re-sit for the test if you do not pass in the first attempt.
CPR Certification Test:
It is important for everyone to learn the life saving technique of CPR. It is most important for parents. This technique can save the life of your loved ones and the needy people. One should hold a CPR certification for working as a professional CPR provider. For this, first you should attend the classes on CPR and perform the practical training by providing CPR to mannequins. When you have completed your classes and training, you need to pass the certification examination. The exam for CPR is divided in two parts. The first section consists of the written examination and the next section involves practical training on mannequins. The written exam has a multiple choice format and has to be completed within one hour. The questions in this section are related to technique of CPR.
When you are giving the online certification exam for CPR, you can attempt the first section online but you have to visit the professional training centers for performing the practical section of the examination. In this section, you are asked to perform CPR on human models or mannequins. After successful completion of both sections of the examination you are given the certification for working as a professional CPR provider.
Although it is important to possess CPR certification, one can provide the CPR in emergency situations if you have ideas about this life saving technique. When medical care facilities are not available, CPR can help to keep the patient alive till the medical facilities are given to him/her.

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