The strongest, most courageous, most enlightened people succumb to it.
Coaches do it.
Happy people still do it.
Masters of manifestation slip up occasionally.

What is the habit that we can't seem to kick?


No matter where we are on our path to glory, when we feel fragile, tired, lost and confused, we just can't resist it!

It is a serious addiction that needs to be taken very un-seriously if we are to kick it.
It is absolutely impossible to expand into our great, true ever-selves while we keep moaning about the tight fit!

Manifestation will take forever if we are constantly rambling on about 'the state of becoming' or 'seeing the positive' when all we feel is the lack of where we want to be.

With the plethora of tools, tapes, methods, processes, books, videos, and goodness know what else is available, if we're trapped in an subconscious habitual mindset of dis-satisfaction about our lot, it will re-surface over and over again.

In fact it often resurfaces just after we have achieved a major victory or breakthrough. Since our very nature is one of expansion, it is possible that we are condemned to feel the lack of the next growth step, as soon as we achieved the last one!

We may put on a brave face to all of our spiritual buddies, but to our trusted significant others, it is almost impossible not to give in to complaining for some much-needed sympathy.

There is a simple way of overcoming this..

Crack up!

Buddha saw the joke.
So do babies until they grow up.
Rats (like monkeys and dogs) are tickled pink by it.

It is an antidote to tension, depression and fear
animosity, embarrassment and disease
and pre-occupation with the illusory nature of the world.

Children do it (on average)200 times a day
and adults only 20.
Gelotologists have a diploma in it.

What are we talking about?
What will the whole world do if we do?
Why laugh of course!

There are different reasons for laughter and it appears to awake ancient, playful circuits in our brains. Very little is known about the specific cerebral mechanisms responsible but we do know that laughter is triggered by many sensations and thoughts, and that it activates many parts of the body. Most laughter is not through deliberate humour, it comes from relationships between people. People rarely laugh to themselves but often laugh as a means of communication.

In this communication, within the jokes, the wit, the playfulness, the teasing and slapstick is that blessed state of irony.
Defined in the dictionary as ‘incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is’, it encourages you to see life as one big joke. Couple this with the understanding of the vibrational connection between all humans and we have a jolly good reason never to take life seriously again.

If we accept that every person and situation we encounter -

is of our own choosing
and is merely an extension of us
we need not be angry about it
we need not be frightened
we need not judge, criticise or scandalise about anything.

Every lesson you ever learned
every hardship you ever encountered
every fear you ever conquered
every black hole you ever climbed out of
moulded you perfectly into the dynamo you now are right now!

You’ve got to see the funny side of it!

It's time to celebrate the irony of oneness and laugh ourselves silly at all our weaknesses.
Let’s have a party about the mess we made and how we got out of it!
Let's celebrate glorious failure and how we made huge breakthroughs just afterwards.
Lets pop corks on the glory of the wave of misery we rode and how it catapulted us into bliss.
Lets stuff ourselves stupid on tales of that ‘b*****rd-angel’ and the insights he gave us
or stories of this ‘witch-angel’ and the spells she cast and how we overcame them and made our own!
Lets boogy to lost childhoods (oh the strength they gave us!) and toast the silliness of our choices
and the joy of having the chance to choose and choose again.

Lets face it, humans are very, very funny indeed! In thought and word they're even funnier!

The fact is that seeing the humour in self-growth is the single, most empowering step we can possibly take of a lifetime. Churning up all of our psychological flotsam can be just so depressing unless we are prepared to see all of life as a great circus in which we get to wear the funny noses and fall over our feet until the curtain inevitably falls for ever!

Once we have a trigger to turn a potential 'complaint' into a joke or an amusing anecdote, if we can repeat it 'at will',
we will never ever be victims again.

Now, any complaints?

Author's Bio: 

Dream Warrior Jenni P and her beloved partner Dzai are authors, guides and performers dedicated to helping people fulfil their dreams.

Desiring to innovate a brand new approach to the connection between maintaining healthy vibrational alignment and dream fulfilment, they delved into their hearts, wisdom and created the highly original and entertaining Quantum Heart-space shared abundance project. It is based on the tenet...

'In the ennobling task of enabling another your own majesty shines forth'

It is a commando of a process for eliminating resistance, low self-esteem, estranged relationships and offers people unique and entertaining tools for maintaining high vibrational energy.