Most of us who get involved in buying and selling of second-hand products have used Craigslist. Craigslist was a favorite online marketplace for sellers and buyers to get whatever category of unused items. Recently, there are new platforms where the same activities can be performed instead of Craigslist.

Ecommerce has taken over visiting physical stores, and even there is a new model, called recommerce. Recommerce is trading previously owned items on an online platform. Ecommerce and Recommerce have become a competitive market of late. A lot of people are looking for ways to sell their former unwanted items fast and highly-priced. To get the best selling experience from any selling app, such users must be innovative and professional.

The new selling apps have taken over e-commerce from Craigslist Maine with new methods. Craigslist has gone extinct because it glued to the old ways of doing trade. The new platforms have other innovative ways where users can sell or buy second-hand fashion items and other types of products. This is not to say that Craigslist never served the purpose of an online marketplace, but the lack of creativity and innovation has made it become a shadow of itself.

There are several of these selling apps to sell stuff instead of Craigslist Maine. We have provided three out of the best selling apps to use when next you need to sell your old stuff to make extra income.


Flyp is one of the best alternatives to Craigslist. Flyp helps owners of items to sell their stuff through Pro sellers. The Pro seller helps you to bypass the stress of dealing directly with your potential buyer. All listing of items, uploading of photos for your items, and writing description is taken care of by the Pro seller you choose. More than these, the Pro seller also helps the owners with negotiation, packaging, and shipping. You can trust that the Pro seller will also promote your products on other top-selling apps.

If you would like to bypass all the stages of selling an item on an online platform, the way to go is teaming up with a Pro seller to go through the process for you. The Pro seller sends your payment after completing the sales deal and removing the commission charge.


LetGo is an online platform to promote local sales. It is easy to use LetGo to sell or buy items in a location close to you. Your listing is promoted based on the location of the buyers and sellers around you.
You can use LetGo for more than selling. They include jobs, services, electronics, housing, and many more.

Offer Up

OfferUp is another platform for local trade. This platform is an alternative to Craigslist when it comes to security. You do not have to add your personal information to the description of your ads. OfferUp a messenger app that is connected to the app where buyers and sellers can relate anonymously. All business transactions on OfferUp is safe, easy, and convenient.

If you at any time need alternatives to Craigslist, the above-listed selling apps are some you can utilize.

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