This is the story of a Crane that my mother used to tell me when I was a kid.
I understand children don't sit quietly, they always run around a place for enjoyment which only they know.
When I was a kid and my mother used to tell me to study, I used to run all over the place so that I don't sit for study. So she used to tell me this story which I understood when I was giving my Board Exams and she repeated the same story at that time.
She used to start the story like,
There was a place where people used to go and kill time in a park, children used to play, beside the park there was a river where people used to go to take a bath, used to clean their clothes, there were a group of people used to play musical instruments. People used to come to the park to do different types of activities.
And there is a Crane bird near the bank of the river catching fish that is what they do once they are grown up for their meal. The Crane was doing its job and was not looking to anything around it. The bird was there till the dusk and then flew away to the nest.
The difference between the people in the park and river with the crane was-
The Crane was focused on its job, getting its meal but the people in the park were killing their time by doing such activities which were not so important in their life.
The thing that I understood from this story was, no matter what you are doing in your life, you should be focused till the work is over. You should be the crane in real life, keeping the focus on your work, not looking around what other people are doing or backbiting about you. Once your work is done, go back home, relax and sleep. Next morning you have to go back to work again keeping in mind that you are a Focused Crane doing a perfect job for your meal.

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