Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is considered a type of anxiety disorder triggered by a traumatic event. PTSD occurs when the body/mind has not yet recognized that a traumatic event is over. As a result, the body's sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight) is activated and the body responds by continuously mobilizing muscles and other body systems for defense and/or numbing (a freeze response).

Those with PTSD become overly attentive to internal reminders of past danger, while at the same time, losing their connection to external clues that assess the present environment. Endocrine problems in those diagnosed with PTSD include 'adrenal burn-out', resulting in abnormal cortisol levels, problems with short-term memory loss and pituitary problems. Traditional treatment includes anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-psychotics.

Craniosacral Therapy is an alternative approach to the treatment of PTSD involving gentle, non-invasive touch that supports the self-correcting ability of the body. Craniosacral Therapy works to support the physical environment that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Craniosacral Therapy acknowledges that emotions can become locked in the body's connective tissues as emotional memories and emotional pain. This holistic bodywork approach can help release the energy the body may have retained after a traumatic physical or emotional experience.

A Craniosacral Therapy session is deeply relaxing to the body's central nervous system as the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) is activated and balanced. In a parasympathetic state the body decreases production of the stress hormones linked to sleep and digestive problems and a suppressed immune system. It becomes easier for people receiving Craniosacral Therapy to remain more calm and focused.

My experience treating Military Veterans who were diagnosed with PTSD has been that they are able to better control their anger, sleep longer, and more deeply, and notice improvements in their memory and concentration. One of my private clients was a Gulf War Veteran who was able to begin sleeping nights instead of during the daytime with only a single session. After a few subsequent sessions he reported being able to sleep deeply for several hours every night.

Military Veterans aren't the only ones who can suffer from PTSD. Anyone who has experienced physical or emotional trauma can have PTSD. This can manifest as nightmares, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, periods of depression, and panic attacks.

Craniosacral Therapy has been proven effective in addressing a multitude of health problems. It is effective for people with PTSD since it contributes to general health and well-being, and increases the body's natural ability to heal old wounds and traumas.

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Gloria Flores HHP, CST-D is the owner of Burbank Craniosacral Therapy in Toluca Lake, CA where she specializes in Craniosacral Therapy. She is a diplomate level Craniosacral Therapist, alternative medicine author, and Craniosacral Therapy workshop presenter. For more information see