Most people who want to lose weight may have resorted to various types of crash diets. Oftentimes, not all these systems are effective and so you have to be careful when opting for it. There are various types of crash diets that work , and it has been proven by many people who have tried it and by various studies as well. These diets are as follows:

Juice Story: just like other diets, this program consists of fruits and vegetables. The only difference is that, in this diet, fruits and vegetables are blended together to turn into liquid form. You may choose to mix various types of fruits in the juicer and create cocktails or fruit juices. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to try blending grapes, oranges, celery and apples, as these are often recommended for weight loss. The best part about this diet is that, even if you are getting low calories, you will still feel energetic. The juice story has proven to be one of those crash diets that work .

Shake it: this type of system became a hit in 1980s, when meals are being replaced by shakes. Shake it is low in fats, low in calories and high in vitamins. You may choose any type of shake but you have to make sure that you stick to your schedule and the diet plan you are following. Instead of having a breakfast, you may opt for a shake. You may also replace your lunch or dinner with it.

Cabbage Soup Diet: this is another type of crash diets that work . Cabbage soup diet is focused on the consumption of cabbage soup with low calories for a week. You may combine cabbage with various fruits and vegetables as well, or add up some meat in your soup. You may also add up some onions and pepper to spike the taste.

Simply Vegetarian: if you do not feel like having a spinach juice, then you may opt for spinach recipes accompanied with fruits and vegetables. For salads, take note that low amount of dressings are helpful in reducing weight. However, for better results, it is best if you consume lots of water with it. Along with spinach, you may combine it with carrot, broccoli, and kale. This is considered as one of the crash diets that work.

However, you have to remember that dieting will not work unless you pair it with a good set of exercise routines. Your exercises can be done at least 30 minutes each day. Remember that crash diets that work should come with a good exercise routine. If you are not aware of these crash diets, you may check with a dietician or your physician to find out more about crash diets that work . They may be able to give you recommendations on what could be the best for you. And after saying all that, you may simply want to try something that's proven, that works and is a healthy lifestyle change... which can be a gradual switch... the glycemic index system.

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