I am a person who requires quiet time and solitude to re-energize. I do this in meditation, I do this at silent retreats and I do this by taking time to read or just be quiet at home.

I didn’t learn this about myself until my mid-40’s. Before then I couldn’t understand why I seemed so exhausted or depressed after feeling so great. I would go through spurts of energy; visiting with friends, networking for my business, spending time with my kids only to crash and burn after a while and ultimately isolate.

When I realized I am a very social person who needs time to regenerate I was able to find ways to take care of myself. I crave stillness, I crave solitude AND I love being with people – both are true but not mutually exclusive. I have to be around people to learn; relationships are the framework for growth AND I need to be alone to allow it all to sink in and to ready myself for more people.

Balance and self-awareness are what make it possible for me to keep an even temperament of joy and peace in my life. Always? No. But for the most part, Yes.

If I have too much social without down time I fizzle out. If I have too much solitude I end up spending too much time with the committee in my head who tell me I am not good enough, lazy etc. I can’t be doing that.

Self-awareness through meditation and making an effort to be present in my life keeps me in self care mode and brings a great deal of serenity to my every day.

What do you know is true about you?

How do you take care to get what you need?

Author's Bio: 

As an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Kelli follows her heart in order to guide others on their spiritual journey. A seeker from a young age, Kelli has always known she would work with others to help them find answers for their life. Through specialized counseling practices, workshops and her writing, Kelli illuminates the path for others as she enjoys a joy filled life.

In her previous career as a Professional Organizer, Kelli worked with clients to clear their mental, physical and spiritual clutter so they could enjoy a calmer, clutter free life. Kelli is the author of “The Clutter Breakthrough – Your Five Step Solution to Freedom from Clutter Forever” a book dedicated to looking at the source of the “stuff” that keeps you blocked off from the life you want to live.

Kelli is a national speaker, inspiring others to look within to create their amazing life. Kelli has an associate’s degree in business administration but the degree she is most proud of is her First Degree Black Belt which she earned in December of 2007 from Kovar’s Satori School in Granite Bay, California. Discipline in the martial arts is key to Kelli’s success in life and with clients, “to stay grounded with clients when they are dealing with the emotions of their life is critical