Water closet, loo or bathroom – whatever you call the room, the truth is that most need to be larger to handle all that goes on in there.

Think about all that goes on in your bathroom. You shower, dress, undress, make yourself comfortable, make yourself up, wash off the day’s grime and wake yourself up to face another day. It can become a repository for clean towels, dirty clothes, make-up, soap, cleaning products, linens and even a few magazines or books.

With limited square footage in most bathrooms, you need to find a bathroom organizer to help you make the most of your space.

Counter-top Devices

One of the first places you can find space is the counter top. A bare countertop means you are not making use of prime bathroom real estate. Something as simple as a hair care organizer is an easy addition. This clear Lucite bin will neatly store your blow dryer, curling iron, brush, comb and more. It can be stored on the vanity top or mounted on the wall for even better use of space. It measures a compact 9¾ by 8¼ inches by 4¾ inches deep.

Another phenomenal space saver is a vertical make-up organizer. Nothing takes up more space than brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks and other make-up tubes. Why not store them upright in a clear cylinder so you can quickly find what you are looking for?

Under the Counter Space Finders

A bathroom cabinet can serve as a great storage space, provided it was built with drawers and shelves. Or, if you open the doors underneath the sink only to find no shelving, it can be a huge waste of space. If you find no shelves or drawers, try one of the many bathroom organizers to help make some sense of this space.

The simplest system is an expandable under-sink shelf system that creates shelves where there are none. This two-tiered shelving system fits cabinets 18- to 30-inches wide. It has five removable panels on each shelf that allow you to configure the system around the water pipes. When fitted correctly, this system provides two levels of shelving where once there was none. Its steel mesh shelves keep air circulating throughout the cabinet.

Another space-saving trick is to use the under the counter space to mount a trash can. A Door Waste Basket is designed to hang on the inside of a cabinet door. You do not take up valuable floor space with the trash can and the trash stays tucked away out of sight. It has a front cinch to keep the bags in place. The mounting hardware is included for both the 18-quart kitchen basket and the 7-quart bathroom basket.

Also hooking onto the inside of a cabinet door is the Clear Swing Out Cupboard Tray. This set of two clear plastic trays can hold soap, loofas, razors, lotions and other toiletries you want within easy reach – but do not need to keep out in the open. When mounting them, be sure to set them high up on the door, which is often the most wasted space.

Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Most people want to keep a back-up supply of toilet paper within easy reach. Luckily there are several space-saving systems available, starting with the four-tissue tower. These plastic towers, measuring 6½ inches in diameter, are available in several colors to match your décor and store up to four rolls of toilet tissue. As they rise vertically, they take up just a few inches of floor space.

For a more modern look, consider the three-roll tissue tower. At just 5-½ inches in diameter, this tower is available in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel.

Combining form and function is the Toilet Paper Magazine Caddy. The 22½-inch tall stand keeps an extra roll of TP at arm’s length. At the base of the stand is a magazine rack that keeps your reading material conveniently placed. Made of simple chrome-plated steel, this caddy fits most bathroom decors.

Towel Stand

Sometimes the biggest shortcoming in a bathroom is the lack of sufficient towel bars. If a bathroom is shared by several people, there are rarely enough towel racks to hang damp towels so they can dry appropriately.

Start with a simple solution like the Hinge-It Clusterbuster four-bar valet, which makes use of the hidden space behind the bathroom door. This system includes four towel bars that are mounted to the top and bottom hinges of the bathroom door frame. You just pop the pin and drop in the valet. It actually swivels independently of the door.

Another simple system is the three-tier towel valet, which holds up to six folded towels. Made of shiny chrome, it spaces the towels so they quickly dry. If you do not need extra towel space, use this rack to hold extra blankets, quilts or comforters in wintertime.

No matter what your bathroom storage or organizing issues, there is a product to help. Find the right tools for your bathroom now.

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