Your elevator speech is the way you succinctly explain what you do for people you meet at networking events. You share just enough information to encapsulate what you do and spark interest among the men and women you talk with. The point is to get the conversation going, right?

There is another type of elevator speech that I call the “Situational Elevator Speech”. Let’ say you’re at a holiday party. You are mingling with people you don’t know, enjoying appetizers and drinks. That’s not the right time to start with your regular elevator speech created for networking – it’s way too business-like.

But you can try this method instead. Just fill in the blanks for your business once the subject of what you do comes up.

“I have a service that helps ...people who struggle with ..., which means they don’t have ...What I do is ...which means ..., which equals ...”

You keep drilling down and going deeper into what you do one step at a time focusing on the results and benefits. Here’s my speech:

“I have a service that helps entrepreneurs get more clients and make more money in their business. I tend to work with people who have a semi-successful business, but who really want to make a lot of money and right now they can’t because they don’t have the right marketing in place. Which means they don’t have enough clients, which means they can’t always pay their bills.

What I do is teach them how to build systems around marketing, get clarity about who they’re working with and close sales more often which means they make more money, serve more people and live a more freedom-based lifestyle.”

It doesn’t matter specifically what you say as long as it’s situational. The person you‘re talking to will say, “Oh, that makes sense.”

This method is more conversational because you are not cramming a bunch of business words into a single sentence or two. As you drill down to the benefits of what you do piece by piece, you are just expanding the conversation rather than selling people anything.

The whole thing about client attraction and what I teach is that you have to be yourself. You have to be authentic or it just won’t work. If it’s too formulaic, people will see right through you. They can smell a sales pitch a mile away.

So, it’s very important to talk about what your clients struggle with and the results of working with you and your service. And share this piece by piece as you drill down through all the benefits of working with you.

Now you are all set for all the socializing you’ll be doing during the upcoming holiday season.

Your Client Attraction Assignment.
Prepare for your social interactions and opportunities coming up in the next month. You never know who you might meet and who could be your next referral source or client for that matter. Practice this “situational elevator speech” and the drilling down process, so you can feel comfortable with the method. That’s the best way to be authentic with what you are saying about your business.

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