“Order anything and get products instantly delivered” has become the new phrase common across the whole world. Glovo, an on-demand delivery platform is a pioneer in that. Across Central Asia, Eastern Africa, and Europe, it is now the leader of the gig economy. Entrepreneurs can become wealthy in no time by coming out with a customized Glovo clone.

Note down the significance of a Glovo Clone App

  • It is a ready-to-use software that can be deployed for daily business operations in just a few days or weeks.
  • The state-of-the-art solution helps techpreneurs to act as the bridge between retailers and users.
  • Pre-built with advanced frameworks and programming languages, a Glovo clone is apt for delivering alcoholic beverages, flowers, food products, games, grocery items, meat, medicines etc.
  • Further, digipreneurs incur minimum capital expenditure as the spending on human resources and technologies is less.

What are the revenue streams from a Glovo Clone Platform?

  • There are multiple revenue sources from a Glovo like platform. Owners of the modern delivery platform will pocket booking fees and cancellation charges, clicks and views from advertisements and marketing campaigns, a commission from retail partners for every booking, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), packing charges, and transaction processing fees.
  • Besides that, entrepreneurs have full freedom to modify the commission rate as per the market conditions. This gives them a greater chance to expand their presence aggressively.

Wrapping Up

With enhanced Internet connectivity and rapid smartphone usage, customers want to satisfy their wants immediately. Therefore, visionary thinkers can fulfil the urge of 21st-century citizens by building a Glovo clone. They can reveal their requirements to an app development company now and set the ball rolling soon.

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