Article Marketing is a convenient and practical way in order to direct traffic to your website, create backlinks to help you with your SEO ranking, and establish yourself as an authority figure in your own territory.

Creating a website in order to promote your business is a brilliant idea. However, without the presence of web traffic, you’re not really advertising anything, right? The old cliché, “If you build it, they will return”, doesn’t necessarily work in the cyberspace especially when you are competing against billions of other websites out there! Until you get up and start promoting your website, no one can find it and you’ll end up having no site traffic at all.

Luckily, there are tons of methods that you can utilize in order to drive traffic towards your own website. Writing and posting articles, also referred to as ‘Article Promoting’ is a great way to start. Compared to all of the other traffic generating schemes, ‘Article Selling’ has always worked since the World Wide Web began, and it will always work. Furthermore, it’s free!

How Your Articles Work For You

•The articles you have on your website offer your readers a lot of helpful and valuable content. Creating a compelling offer on your website, will drive curiosity in your reader with regards to your products and/or services.
•Every article that you publish in your website may include a signature space, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Resource Box’. You may include backlinks to your own website here. It will also include a short background regarding the author, and/or a quick advertisement for your website. Anyone who’s reading this article will be able to view this section and they’ll also be able to click through your entire website. Finally, as you publish additional articles, these backlinks will help your website improve your search engine rankings.
•The articles that you publish might be picked up from various article directories by those website owners who would like to re-publish your article on their own website due to the content’s superb quality. This can get your name, your very own article, as well as your website links republished in front of even more readers!
•The more high quality articles you compose, the more respect you gain from your readers and expertise in your chosen field.

Simply start by composing a useful article which is connected for your own business or to your interest. When your article is insightful, and in many ways helpful for most of your readers, they will be a lot more inclined to check back to your website on a regular basis. Your articles should not sound like a mini-ad campaign. In fact, most article directories automatically reject articles that are made merely to sell something.

Make sure that your content is 100% original. Copying and republishing a web article which has already been published can create a number of issues. Article directories, aside from search engines as much as possible do not allow their users to suffer a horrific experience by returning the same content a number of times. They will verify your composition against all of the other articles that they have indexed. If they found out that your content is merely a duplicate of another article, the article directories will therefore reject your submission, and then the search engines will not provide you credit for the backlinks. Finally, your readers will unfortunately know about this sudden mishap which will eventually gain you a bad reputation in their eyes.

Make an effort to attract more attention to your readers by composing an appealing and useful article that will entice the reader to come back for more. If not, your readers will not go through your entire website. Your headlines and categories (if applicable) should catch your reader’s attention. Build these to stand out and entice not only the first time visitors but also your avid readers who go through your entire website.

No time, or perhaps the talent to put original material into writing? There’s definitely nothing wrong with trusting someone else to do it for you. There are a lot of freelance writers that you can take advantage of who offer ghost writing services. You can offer them nothing more but a few keywords, and they can take it from there. Furthermore, experienced ghost writers are often acquainted with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, which they’ll be able to integrate into your articles, making them a lot more effective for you. Make it clear that you need complete and all-original compositions and that you’ll be purchasing the exclusive possession rights of those articles.

Afterwards, publish your article to any of the article directories you prefer. Simply search the web using the keyword ‘Article Directory’ and you’ll see hundreds of them all over the net. Publishing your article to the foremost fashionable directories can provide an immediate feedback on having your website indexed by search engines and improve your search engine result page (SERP) rankings. Publishing to hundreds of article directories all over the internet might not have an extreme effect on your web traffic or on your SERP rankings. Still, having a multitude of backlinks out there that direct towards your website is far better than having simply a handful.
By just one article, you’ll be able to attain a multitude of backlinks, and by posting a simple article per day, you’ll be able to have a thousands of backlinks in a matter of weeks.

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