Do you feel like a wealthy person?

How you feel about yourself or your self-image makes a huge difference in your ability to attract prosperity. You have a certain way that you think about yourself and it's amazing how much influence your own thoughts can have on your life experiences.

Let's see where you stand.

• Are your thoughts in tune with your intentions?
• Is your self-talk attracting or repelling your prosperity?
• Does your self-image promote abundance in your life?
• Can you maintain a positive attitude when things go wrong?
• Do you treat yourself like a wealthy person?

Here are 5 tips for creating a new self-image.

Tip #1: What you are thinking is more important than what you are doing.
If you harbor negative thoughts they will sabotage your ability to attract wealth. Even an envious thought towards someone who is rich will repel your own abundance. Negative thoughts just get in the way of attracting abundance to you. Your thoughts need to be positive and uplifting if you want to attract wealth.

Tip #2: Your self-talk determines how much money you will make.
All forms of negative self-talk can actually reel whatever you are trying to attract. Negative self-talk such as putting yourself down, or berating yourself will sabotage any effort to make more money because you are using the Law of Attraction the opposite of how you should be using it. Instead, use your self-talk to raise your self-esteem by saying uplifting and positive things about yourself to yourself.

Tip #3: Improving your self-esteem is the first step in attracting more wealth.
What you think about yourself dramatically influences what you attract. You can visualize a successful life but if you beat yourself up every time you make a mistake, for example, you are not going to be attracting your good fortune. If you have low self-esteem, you need to work on that before you start working on becoming wealthy.

Tip #4: Positive thinking needs to be applied to ourselves first.
Positive thinking can override negative thinking if done systematically. You have to know how to catch yourself before you "fall". Then you need an arsenal of tools to change your thinking back in the right direction. This is especially essential when things go wrong. It's nature's way of testing you to see if you are really serious about your desire.

Tip #5: The way you treat yourself will influence how much wealth you think you deserve.
And how worthy you think you are will directly affect your bank account. One thing you can do is something special for yourself on a regular basis, without felling guilty or selfish. That will help you to feel more worthy of the wealth you desire.

One of the most important steps in your journey to attracting wealth is to take stock of your self-image and see if it could use some improvement. How well you think of and treat yourself will have a direct correlation to the amount in your bank account and how well you can increase it. The higher your self-esteem, the bigger the bank account!

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