Most people who only function with a diary often turn a page to discover, too late, that it’s someone’s special day. More savvy people put up a calendar so that important dates can be viewed whilst brewing a cup of tea in the morning. Of course, Microsoft Outlook has a calendar that reminds users of important events, but nothing comes close to the impact and pleasure that can be derived from a personalised photo calendar.

Personalised photo calendars:-

It may come as a bit of a surprise but there may well be people who are computer literate but who are still unaware of what can be created online to produce the most marvellously personal gifts such as photo calendars. There are websites such as Bonusprint where you can use pre-designed templates to create your own personalised calender. For example, you may wish to use a form of mosaic design where people’s faces are printed on their birthdays.

Of course, if you have friends and family who share the same birthday then there are other types of photo calender design from which to choose. For example, you may wish for just one single beautiful photo to feature on each month and then to let people write in upcoming birthdays themselves. It is great fun sourcing beautiful photos to create your own personalised calendars which can then be mailed out as gifts to selected family members. Few things that can be created online are more satisfying than creating a photo calendar that is professionally printed but wholly unique and personal.

Unique personalised photo calenders:-

Big, small or medium-sized photo calenders that are for one year or for keeping forever are easy to produce online and make for superb Christmas gifts. Surprise family and friends by sending out something that they cannot possibly have; and that is a photo calender with fresh, personal photos of people they know featuring on selected dates or as the face of the month. Even if another member of your family creates their own personalised calender it doesn’t matter; it’s the photos within the personalised photo calenders that matter most and as photo calendars are not usually day and date matched, calendars can be used from one year to the next.

Once you have decided which website to use to create your own personalised calender, all you need do is decide on the style and size of your calendar and on the photos that you wish to see printed. The effect on the recipient receiving your unique personalised calender far exceeds the amount of skill and time it takes you to create your photo calendar. Clearly, the better the quality of your digital photos the better the quality of your calendar, but as long as your photos mean something special to you, your personalised calender will definitely mean something special to all those who are lucky enough to be on your list to receive one.

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Bonusprint has been in the photo printing and framing business for many years, always believing in offering a top quality service for a truly competitive price. It is a shame to leave photos in the digital domain when they can be so cheaply reproduced as Photo calendars, a framed print, a poster or, like a work of art, photos on canvas.