If your business isn't getting the acceptable results from your marketing strategies then a serious rethink need to be done. With your marketing campaign being result orientated it is absolutely imperative that you receive a good return on your investment, with the problem usually lying in the marketing materials used, it is likely that the ones in use aren't portraying the image you desire. Now is the time to start focusing on the materials you use and give your business that extra boost. At first glance the recipient should have an idea of what type of business you are just from the style of envelope used, they should be enticed into open it to find out what there is for them inside. This is a greatly important marketing technique and if you're not absolutely sure that your envelopes will achieve this then you really need to make some alterations to put your company a place above the rest.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at the design of the envelope from a customers perspective, ask yourself if you were impartial and to receive it through your door, would you be impressed and encouraged to open it? Or would you just pass it off as junk mail? The design should be unique to your business and have a catchy presence in order to impress your customers and get their attention. In order to achieve this, it is vital that the layout of your envelopes are correct; depending on the type of business you are you may even want to exchange the ordinary white paper and use a coloured one, this is sure to add some style to your material. However, for the businesses who have a more serious presence about them such as a solicitors, you may want to consider a more serious approach by simply including your logo and tag line in the layout. There are some fantastic strategies that ensure your envelopes are designed for success, here are a few you may want to consider:

Create your very own personalised design, this way it will give the first impression that the mail is from a friend or relative, especially if the address is handwritten. The recipient is sure to be intrigued to find out who it is from and will open it instantly. If your not sure how to create your own personal graphic design your probably best asking for the help of a graphic designer.

Have the recipient wondering what's inside, a tried and tested way of motivating people to open an envelope is by including a short teaser. To get them guessing all you have to do is give them a positively vague hint of what is inside and how it may benefit them.

Leave the envelope without a return address, on occasion this can be the best strategy as it will, again, leave the recipient wondering who the sender is. This curiosity will encourage them to open it and read your message.

Use great quality envelopes, this will give them the impression that the letter inside is from a highly professional organisation who takes pride in their services, and is sure to reflect positively on your business.

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