Looking for a meaningful activity to deepen your relationship with Christ this Lenten season? Start a Spiritual Journal! A spiritual journal is an excellent tool for creating an ongoing dialog with the Lord. You can explore your faith through your writing and reflection, allowing you to gain perspective and learn to recognize and appreciate God’s presence in your life.

How do you create a spiritual journal? Try these tips to get started:

  • Give your journal a name – make it something special that holds significant meaning for you so that you feel safe and comfortable writing as if you are having a conversation with a trusted friend. You may choose to write your journal entries in the form of letters to God, a guardian angel or a saint.
  • Set an intention for your journal writing. Write a dedication statement in the beginning of your journal about what you intend to gain or how you hope to benefit from your spiritual writing experience. Maybe you choose to focus on the process itself rather than setting an intention that is tied to the outcome.
  • Establish a regular time of day for journal writing and schedule it in your calendar to create a habit or ritual of writing.
  • Create a sacred space for journal writing – someplace quiet and comfortable where you are free from interruption and distraction.
  • Remember, there are no rules in journal writing! Give yourself permission to write openly and honestly without self-judgment, and without checking grammar or spelling.
  • Write with your favorite pen, or choose one of your own. Add colored pencils or markers from time to time.
  • Date your entries so that you can track your progress over time.
  • Just keep writing! The benefits of journal writing are in the themes and messages that emerge over time.

Wondering what to write about? Try these prompts to get started:

  • Describe everything you know about God or Jesus Christ. Be specific and include all the details you can imagine.
  • Write a letter to yourself from God, answering any questions you may have on your heart.
  • Tell the story of a turning point for you in your spiritual development.
  • Make a list of 100 Blessings and express your gratitude for the gifts in your life.
  • Make a list of 10 people who need prayers and write out your prayer requests in your journal.
  • Write a letter of forgiveness in your journal – perhaps you need to forgive someone who hurt you, or maybe you need to accept the forgiveness of another. Write it out in detail.
  • Did you ever receive a sign from God? Write about it in your journal!
  • What does it mean to you to have a personal relationship with Christ? Describe this relationship in your journal.

Any time is a good time to start a spiritual journal! For support and inspiration, visit http://www.writetohealth.com/journal-circles/write-to-christ/

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