Create a very specific order and send it to the Universe for Delivery
Your goals must be very specific and detailed, vivid detail will act as a blueprint for the universe and allow for delivery of your specific dream. Vague goals will only deliver vague results and will hold you from living in the magic of life. All goals must carefully detail how much you want and by when.
When you time define your goals you give yourself something to aim for, there is an end in sight. As you know when you have a deadline you become more motivated and commit more energy to any project. Your goals are no different. A clearly defined finishing point allows you to put measurement criterion in place, to monitor your progress on a regular basis. Whatever gets measured gets done.
For example: If you decide to loose 12 kg between January and December. Your goal is very easy to break back into monthly and even weekly targets. You would need to loose 1 Kg a month and 250 g a week. If after a week you measure your progress and you find that you have not met your target. You can explore the actions you are taking and see if they are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve or whether they need to be modified or not.
When you review your progress on a regular basis, you are able to see if the actions you are taking are delivering the desired results. If you fail to review your progress on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, it is very likely that you will get to the end of the year and not have achieved your goals.
When the Apollo Space Craft took off from Cape Canaveral and it was only one degree off course, it would have missed the moon by 300 000 miles. To ensure that this did not happen, the engineers controlling the flight would continually review the progress and make small in flight corrections. If they did not do this they would never have reached the moon.
As one of the Best Business Speakers in South Africa I will show you that the same is true for your goals, you need to constantly look at the actions you are taking, if they are delivering the desired results then keep doing them. If they are not then you must re-assess your action plan and introduce new actions that will deliver the desired results. The longer you wait before you measure and review your progress the more likely you are to be off track.
By setting very specific goals you also program your Reticular Activating System or (RAS) to search for any opportunities that will help you realize your goals. Your (RAS) is your own internal Google search engine, it filters all the information that bombards your brain and only allows the information that you have programmed it to look for, to reach your conscious brain.
Try to identify one goal that will boost you to the next level. This one single change in your career, business or relationship or lifestyle would catapult you toward living your dream life. Is it enjoying a promotion, meeting a certain sales target, finding a new job, expanding your business, finding the perfect partner, winning an award, getting further education or something else that will completely change your life for the better.
When you learn to prioritise and focus your energy on a maximum of three goals at a time you are able to give each goal enough time and energy to consistently make progress. When you are constantly able to make progress, you remain inspired and you want to keep taking the positive steps that are delivering results. On the other hand if you have too many goals you are trying to achieve at once, you only make small positive steps towards achieving each goal and you quickly become de-motivated.
If you shine a torch on a piece of paper you are obviously unable to start a fire, however if you take a magnifying glass and you focus the rays of the sun on the same piece of paper, you are able to focus the light enough, so that it will start a fire. If you focus the light even further and you put it through a laser, you are able to take the same light and cut steel.
The same is true for your goals, the more you focus your energy the greater the results you will enjoy and the bigger and better the outcomes you will enjoy.

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Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa. You can trust him to deliver a relevant motivational message that works, every time. He is a straight shooting, grounded and deeply curious teacher that will inspire your team to deliver their best, every day. His credible message will leave all attendees with a practical set of tools and techniques that they can immediately begin to utilize and apply in their lives and careers.

His No. 1 goal when he speaks as one of South Africa's best motivational speakers, is to ignite magic in each person, connect with them so that he can help them renew a vision, inspire someone to find a lost belief or birth a new one, guide them to create a spark or inspire someone to take action so that they can achieve what they desire!