Create an Amazing Space for Yourself!

I am one of those individuals that find it necessary to live in an inspiring space. I don’t necessarily mean expensive, as I have met many talented people that are able to create spaces with limited budgets. In reality, what I am proposing is that we should all have comfortable, safe heavens where we can sit back and write, read, pay bills, or just create. I wholeheartedly believe that crafting our own delicious space allows us to create so much more and even doing the mundane chores like bill paying, become more enjoyable and we are more effective.

Why is it important that you have a space of your own? Well, if you are like so many people these days, we live extremely busy lives. We are often required to be in more than one place at a time, drive thru on fast food restaurants happen a couple of times a week and by the time we actually get home, it is almost time to get ready for the next day and we are left wondering ‘where did my time go?’ We will be talking about time and time management in a different post, but today what I want you to think about is the fact that while we might not be able to change the dynamics of our busy lifestyles, we CAN modify our spaces so that we can recharge our battery, reconnect with our environment and, regain clarity of the day’s events and tomorrow’s plans.

So here are a few of my tricks and suggestions for you as you create your powerful, inspiring and energy-charged space:

* Make it yours; use your favorite colors and let it reflect your personality…the sky is the limit!
* Eliminate clutter; there is a direct correlation to physical and emotional clutter. Take control of the mess and see how much better you feel…and how much more productive you become.
* Minimize distractions; if possible close the door; otherwise eliminate the noise that can rob you from the peace you need in your space.
* Appeal to all your senses. I’m a big fan of having music playing in the background; you can also use fresh flowers or candles to inject the space with lovely fragrances; also use pictures of places where you want to visit sometime…allow your imagination to fly there and transport yourself to a spot where you feel energized; the beach? a log cabin? whatever you dream, can be your inspiration for a 15-minute getaway!
* Surround yourself with things you love. Typically, things you love will reenergize and infuse you with energy.

If you don’t have a space you can call your own; think about reclaiming a little corner of your room. Some of my favorites are the converted closet into office and the armoire that has the pull out shelf for the computer keyboard hence, you can do a lot even with a little space. In short, creating your own space allows you time and room to breathe and to recharge. You don’t need a lot, but you do need the things you love. Eliminate clutter and make sure it is beautiful. While you play your favorite music, you can surround yourself with pictures, candles, incense or whatever is going to help you create the mood where you can feel energized, inspired, in peace…whatever you choose your space to be for you.

Creating an amazing space for yourself is one of the things you can do to help you find balance within your busy life; if you are stuck trying to create a space for yourself; if you don’t know where to start or have challenges with physical and emotional clutter; Life Coaching may be for you. ”Create the Life you Want; Start Within.” Call INNERactive Coaching today for a complimentary 30-minute conversation.

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Maria Martinez is a Professional Life Coach; she works primarily with individuals seeking to identify areas in which they want to increase their level of awareness and take life to the next level. By providing support and accountability, individuals reach higher and greater goals; balance life at work and at home; and enjoy time doing things they most love. ‘Create the life you want; Start within.’

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