If you take a look at the photo books for sale on the shelves of any high street book shop, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer quality of every aspect. The paper used, the printing techniques and the way the book is put together are all of the very highest possible quality.

The reasons for this are simple: most such books are produced to showcase the work of the world’s most famous photographers, to highlight certain celebrities or to detail the splendor of a particular part of the world’s landscape. Therefore the pages are made of thick, glossy, rich photographic paper and the printing techniques used are state of the art, capturing every color and every piece of light and shade of the original photograph. Over and above this, the covers and the binding will be of the very best quality, thus ensuring that the finished photo book is put together in a way which ensures it will last in perfect condition for many years to come. There is a reason why such books are often referred to as coffee table books and it is that they are such objects of opulence and style that you’d be happy to have them out on show in your home.

Until now, volumes such as this have been open only to professionals such as leading photographers, but now the opportunity to create online photo books which showcase your own favorite images to the same dazzlingly high standards is open to absolutely anyone who has a large enough collection. One of the chief consequences of the widespread switch to digital photography, and of the fact that virtually everyone’s digital phone now doubles as a high quality camera, is the fact that more or less everyone finds it easy to amass a very large collection of digital images. Once you’ve captured these images – usually chronicling the lives of family or friends or the highlights of special moments in your life – it’s only natural to want to keep them in a manner which is safe yet accessible and even, in the case of your very best shots, to want to show them off. In the past, this would have meant having your favorite photographs printed and then sticking them bodily onto the pages of photo albums – whilst these may well have been much treasured possessions, due to the contents, they were also bound to be rather scruffy, tatty and not exactly durable.

You no longer need to use some lightweight scrapbook, however, since you can have your photographs collected in bespoke, luxury quality photo books. The only step that you need to take to make this happen is to choose the images you wish to use and then upload them to the relevant website. You may wish to collect your favorite family shots, the images from a special day such as a wedding or a long term selection of shots to form a ‘This is your Life’ style volume. Whatever the subject matter, once they’ve been uploaded, they can be turned into a personally designed book using software which has been built to move through the process one simple step at a time, meaning that no experience whatsoever is required. The size, shape and layout of the pages can be modified and the material and appearance of the covers chosen, and the finished result will be produced to the standard found in bookshops. It’s not just books, however, since you can make your own photo greeting cards which will be more than a match for the greeting cards available on the high street.

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The digital revolution has changed everything about photography, from the standard of the images you capture to the way you store them. Having amassed a collection of stunning images you can have them turned into a beautiful photo book, rather than sticking them in rather shabby photo albums.