Well, first things first. A notification bar is a promotional banner either at the top or below your Webpage. A notification bar can be a great way to tell your visitors what your site offers. In this article, we will discuss ways of creating notification bars. Here is a list of methods you can use for your website.

Get OptinMonster Account

The first stage in getting a great notification bar has the right tool. The best tool is the OptinMonster. All you gotta do is create an account online account with the service. Provide your email address and password. Voila! You are done.

Create a New Campaign

Now login to your OptinMonster account. On Logging into the account, you will see the create new campaign icon. Click on it. You will be prompted to pick the campaign type. You can choose from any of the several options. This action helps convert subscribers without affecting their browsing experience.

Pick the Floating Bar Campaign Type

You will see a list of notification bar templates available. Choose one that reflects your style and theme. Color is held with importance to your subscribers.

Select a Notification Bar Template

Sometimes the available theme may not suit your brand. In that case, don't fret; you can create a website notification bar from scratch. Once you finish your notification bar tailoring, it is a piece of cake. You can make it whatever you want.

Name Your Campaign and Choose a Website

After doing the hard work, it's time for simple work. Name your Campaign. The name is among the vital things for your Campaign. Make sure it reflects your brand. Choose a site or a series of websites where you want to see the Campaign.

Edit Campaign Settings

After following the steps above, OptinMonster will prompt you to edit your Campaign. Here you will choose the location of the notification bar. The alert bar needs to be positioned. It should be placed to maximize visibility and reduce distraction.

You are supposed to edit the text of the Campaign to make sure the Campaign reflects your brand. Change the action button and the display rules.

Save the OptinMonster Campaign

After so much hustle customizing, editing, and deleting, now save your Campaign. If you forget to keep your Campaign, you won't have anything to publish. To avoid redoing your work, click the save button.

Publish the Campaign

The goal of reading this article was to have your notification bar. If you have followed all the steps above, you only have one thing to do, Publish! After publishing, you can watch your site visitors increase overnight.


The notification bar is one of the most trusted ways to boost traffic and revenue. There are several ways you can use to design a notification bar for your website. The more catchy your notification bar, the more the audience you attract. Whatever kind of notification bar you need, OptinMonster got you covered. It has the most comprehensive selection tool to create a customized notification bar.

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