The only way to sleep well at night in today’s changing world is to have a business model that allows for at least three substantial sources of income. 

I’ve created a partial list of some of the different ways you can monetize what I call your intellectual capital which means your innate abilities, your learned skills, your life experience and your acquired knowledge and wisdom.

I recommend that you find at least three ways that fuel and excite you and build your business model around them.  

Discover what works for you and create your unique business model.

Sources of income to consider adding to your menu:

VIP Days
Online membership programs
Webinar series
Professional Speaking
Mastermind Groups
Private Retreats
Think Tanks
Group coaching
Executive briefings
Holding your own events
Affiliate programs
Licensing your information
Training others to lead groups
Boot Camps

Looking at this list, there’s absolutely no excuse not to create at least one and optimally two more income streams.  All you need to get started is a clear vision and unwavering determination. 

Author's Bio: 

Cathleen Fillmore

I run a speakers bureau representing a select roster of global thought leaders. I’m also a marketing consultant to speakers who are ready to take their business to an entirely new more financially rewarding level. My clients – all over the world - range from beginning speakers to well established Hall of Fame speakers.

If you’d like to explore any of these ways to add an extra income stream, simply email me at to set up a quick call. 416-532-9886.