Success is NOT about goal-setting. If it were we’d all have EVERYTHING we want! It’s about creating new beliefs that create new behaviors to produce the goals you want.

Can you relate to this: when I was an 8 yr old child, my father said to me; “You’re so lazy.” Now I’m sure he didn’t mean it at the time, we all tend to say things we later regret. Although THAT statement stuck with me for years. Do YOU have one of these?

After years of beating myself down, I learned it wasn’t so much WHAT I did, but WHAT I thought about myself when doing it… MY BELIEFS about myself! They are the CORE essence of who we are, the actions we take, and if we’re not careful, who we’ll end up being. Don’t get me wrong, not all beliefs are bad. Just the ones that hold us back from truly living our lives. The secret is HOW do you change them? Well, what I’ve found is the easiest way to make that happen. It’s to use writing as a powerful tool for change.

The idea is to use the belief as a jumping off point. Use the same language structure as the old belief has. For example; “I can CHOOSE to be lazy when I want to relax. Now I AM PRODUCTIVE AND EFFECTIVE in everything I want to learn and create! I am the master my time and have all the resources I need to succeed”

I wrote these beliefs repeatedly, up to 20 times a day for about 21 days, and reread what I'd written several times a day. This writing is an instruction to the SUB-conscious mind.

You’re not trying to convince your CONSCIOUS mind; instead, you are simply re-programming new information into the SUB-conscious mind. Using repetition AND emotional conviction, you will now impress new beliefs deep into the subconscious. Once you can impress these new beliefs your behavior and actions will then occur automatically.

Write Out Your New Beliefs

You can write yourself a new script, detailing all of your new beliefs, from health to wealth, business success, from relationships and spirituality, from productivity to creativity. To write the script, imagine what your life will be like AS A RESULT, this is the key factor. Act as if! Write out the result of adopting a new belief, and describe it all in the present tense. Describe everything as if it is and has already been happening.

For example, a script for your health might start like this:
I love how it feels to plan AND achieve anything I choose to accomplish each day! I am an obsessive goal setter and find it easy to get what I want, when I want it. I can now relax and be lazy because I get more done every day. I am getting more and more productive and happier every day...

Add Visualization to Your New Beliefs

Close your eyes and picture it all happening exactly as you described it in your script. Create a movie in your mind, add in a soundtrack, any smells, and most importantly, how does it feel now that you have accomplished it? Edit it until it’s just right, perfect for you! Then through-out the day watch your movie over and over again, really putting yourself into a peak state each time you watch it. Visualization is simply the creation of a new idea or belief, where you paint a new scenario, adding color and imagining sound, smell and so on, anything you can find that enhances our movie, making it MORE ALIVE! If you're an NLP practitioner from Los Angeles' Premier NLP Training Center, you already know how to create massive results!

Add Advanced Techniques

You can add a more advanced NLP techniques by visualizing the old behavior then put the new behavior BEHIND the old one. Then, pull back the new behavior like as if were a rubber sheet. Pull it back from the middle of the page as far as it will stretch back. Then let it go, as it comes whizzing forward BLOWING OUT the old limiting behavior, and at the same time saying to yourself, “S-W-I-S-H-HHHHHHH!” Do this 7 – 10 times until it feels now more natural to do the new behavior! Have FUN with this!

Focus on one major belief at a time and really work on it until you feel its reprogrammed your subconscious mind. It needs to become automatic for you. Then, choose a new belief every month, and within one year you will have installed up to 12 new beliefs! Now that’s life changing! Email me if you have any questions and decide to attend our NLP Practitioner course here in Los Angeles, CA.

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