Wall calendars are a feature of almost every home in the country, due to the ease with which they allow people to organise a busy life. Most of them are dull and anonymous to look at, however, but personalised photo calendars achieve the same aim whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.

If you go into almost any kitchen in the country, the chances are that you’ll find a photo calendar pinned to the wall or stuck on the door of the fridge using a magnet. Just a quick leaf through the pages will reveal exactly why this is the case. A years’ worth of important dates will be jotted down, making sure that the owner doesn’t miss anything like a dentist’s appointment, a school trip, a bill due date or an anniversary. What’s more, because the calendar consists merely of paper, it is never going to have a memory that’s full, or lose power and thus information. Similarly, amending the information, or adding new dates is as quick and easy as picking up a pen and jotting something down. Despite the advances made by hi tech devices such as iPhones, lap tops and other electronic means of storage, there is still nothing which can rival a calendar in terms of convenience and ease of access.

The disadvantage of most calendars of this type, however, lies in the choice of image which tends to be featured. All too often, mass produced calendars are based around images of things such as landscapes, animals or traditional artworks, all of which tend to be somewhat boring and bland to look at. Since you’re going to be looking at the item in question more or less every single day of the year, it really doesn’t seem to be too much to ask for it to be attractive to look at. The answer to this conundrum lies in using your own digital images to make personalised photo calendars. That way, you can pick and choose the image which will feature on each individual page, building a calendar around a theme of your choice. You may want a calendar based upon a dozen of your favourite landmarks, or alternatively pictures of your own children throughout the year, and choosing the right images means that calendars such as this often make excellent gifts to give to friends and loved ones.

The means via which you create your calendar are incredibly simple. Having selected the images in question you have to upload them to the appropriate site and then use the software to design the precise layout of the calendar. Whether you opt for a single, landscape style image on each month, or choose a more crowded, mosaic approach, the design process has been rendered easily manageable even for someone who has little or no experience of working with design or computers.

Once you’ve modified the calendar to precisely suit your needs – even down to being able to start on a month other than January – it will be printed and put together to the highest possible standards. The same applies for both canvas prints and greeting cards, meaning that there’s virtually no end to the things you can do with your favourite photographs.

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