Using a photo calendar to keep track of the many appointments and important dates which are part of a busy life is the natural choice to make. The extremely low tech nature of such a calendar makes it simple to use and more or less fool proof in operation. If you want to have something which looks good as well as being practical, however, then why not think about the options offered by personalized calendars?

There’s a very good reason why photo calendars are so popular, to the point where virtually every house in the country has at least one pinned up on a wall somewhere, or maybe stuck to the fridge with a magnet or propped up on a desk. The main reason is that, despite the absence of computer chips and touch screen technology, calendars of this type are incredibly efficient and easy to use. If you have a family of any size then, at the beginning of the year, there are bound to be countless important dates you have to remember, from birthdays and anniversaries through to less appealing occasions such as the date the gas bill is due. ‘Inputting’ all of these dates onto a calendar is simplicity itself, requiring little more than the use of a pen or pencil, and once on the calendar they can be accessed quickly whenever you like.

What’s more, with no batteries to run out or memory to fill, once the information is on there it’s completely safe. Indeed, the only downside of a calendar like this is the fact that, ninety nine times out of a hundred, it will be extremely dull to look at. It may be tempting to think that, as long as it gets the job done, the aesthetics of it as an object make no difference, but since you’ll be looking at it more or less every day, then why not actually enjoy what you’re looking at?

One way to ensure that this will be the case is to use your own digital photographs to create personalized calendars. Think of the concept of personalized photo calendars as being akin to personalized photo albums – a collection of your favorite images, brought together in the same place. You may wish to create a calendar based on a particular theme, such as your children, or a memorable holiday, or you may opt instead to merely select a dozen or more of your favorite images. Whichever choice you make, the process has been streamlined to a few simple steps. Once you’ve uploaded the images of choice to the right website, use the software provided to design the layout and style of each page. No experience is necessary in either graphic design or computing, since you’ll merely be presented with a series of logical, quick choices, opting for factors such as the size and shape of the calendar and even selecting the month on which it starts.

The same user friendly technology can be applied to creating individual works of art by designing canvas photo prints using your favorite single images. The resulting canvas prints will be printed and framed to a standard usually seen on the walls of a gallery, meaning that you’ll be the proud owner of a unique work of art which combines the personal with total excellence.

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Whether you create bespoke canvas prints to decorate the walls of your own home with unique art, or put together personal photo calendars to give as touching gifts to family and friends, the result will be the same – one off items which absolutely nobody else could have produced.