Microsoft technologies development is noticeable since a decade. Bringing constant improvements, Microsoft has established itself as a software leader. Since the arrival of Microsoft Visual Studio, there is no looking back. While companies are blindly adopting its tools for developing high-class, reliable products for their clients, Microsoft is busy improving these tools for programmers.

There is a similar story Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5. .net Framework 3.5 is the recent version of .net development tools. Dot Net Software Development services have brought about a revolutionary change in the way information technology solutions are delivered.

Confronting clients’ questions relating to the scalability and flexibility of the software becomes easy when its .net development. Dot net framework has been vastly used in developing diverse applications. Applications ranging from mobile technology, plugins development to other web-based systems, can be created using Microsoft .Net Application Development; which is why, offshore .net services, India, is the most profitable trend creating win-win situation on both ends.

Building successfully over its predecessors, Microsoft .net 3.5 Framework acquires several new features to enhance development experience and open a wide arena for users. Several new changes are incorporated in several new technologies. Some of the changes in Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5 are:

· Incorporation of LINQ, which allows you to write code in LINQ-enabled languages and create projections in SQL data, XML and Datasets.

· It has introduced more familiar ASP.Net AJAX, which lets you create more efficient and interactive web applications around popular browsers.

· It has brought a new Web protocol support for building in WCF services.

· Complete Visual Studio support and introduction to new classes in base class library (BCL) is added.

Apart from the above features, there are several reasons as to why a client should engage in .net 3.5 application development. In this article, we will particularly focus on what Dot net software development services has to offer and how .net framework 3.5 programmer can enhance your application’s charisma.

To begin with, I would talk about Microsoft.Net Application Development in terms of backward compatibility. Introducing a new framework offers variety of features; however, creating a project in it would bring the new framework dependencies. The project created over a new platform won’t run on the older platforms and creates a problem in case the project needs backward compatibility. However, this is not the case in .net 3.5 framework. It gives you an option to choose from the versions for your project. This enables the backward compatibility feature. .net development ensures multi-targeting; so that, the old projects can avail new features of .net framework.

.net development includes something called as IntelliSense. The IntelliSense makes it easy to develop applications using AJAX and JavaScript. Just a double click in the design view arranges for a click event and brings up a ready-made, basic skeleton for the JavaScript function. This ensures reduced development time allowing .net framework 3.5 programmer to invest more time in research.

Windows Installer Deployment is another feature included in the new visual studio, which enables you to create improved installer packages to be distributed to the users. Microsoft has also got an extended support for language integrated query. Support for reporting applications has been augmented by adding several new reporting tools or applications, featuring better and detailed reporting.

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