If you’re tired of selling other people’s products as an affiliate you may want to go to the next level of internet marketing and actually sell your own information products such as e-books and eventually establish your name as an expert in your niche market. The problem you see is that you don’t seem to have the talent or ability to create your own.

While that can be a problematic situation it is not, by any means, a hopeless one. Let’s face it, not everyone is born a writer, but be that as it may you can still sell information products like e-books and better still have your name on them as the author.

It may sound improbable given the lack of writing skills but you can truly become an author. The solution is quite simple really. Private Label Rights or PLR products are here to your rescue. Let me tell you how you can benefit from using private label rights. The concept is not new and has been around even before the internet became popular.

And while there are those authors that actually write their own stuff, a number of them simply put their names on such private label rights and they have a nice finished product. Right now you may be asking yourself what are private label rights? Let me explain it to you so we’re on the same page.

A product with private label rights, say an e-book, is one wherein its author allows you to add, modify, or alter the product’s content, sell it to as many people as you can, and even claim the work as your own. Yes my dear fellow, you can actually buy a PLR e-book from Mr.

John Doe, stick your name where it says author and you can tell the whole world that you’re the author of said e-book. However, let’s not be too hasty in thinking that you can actually do all these things all the time with the private label rights you just purchased.

The original authors still has the final say and so every PLR you buy comes with various terms and/or limitations attached to it. These terms and/or limitations basically tells you, the buyer, the extent to which you can actually play around with the product. This means that you may get a product that allows you to change the author but not the content and vice versa.

To prevent getting nasty communiqués from the original authors claiming you have over stepped your bounds in using their works it’d be best to read the attached terms and/or limitations diligently. Most private label rights allow you to: sell; re-package; offer as bonus; modify and put your name on it as the author; give resale or master resale right to subsequent buyers.

The extent of what you are able to do and what rights you can pass on to your own customers depends on whether they were expressly given to you. Let’s put it this way, if the private label rights you bought gives you carte blanche rights to them, then you can use those products to your hearts content and how you use them will be up to you.

You can rebrand then sell them, give them away as freebies, give subsequent users of the product the same rights you received, or limit them based on your desires—in short how you use them is limited only by your imagination, and the terms of the original product of course. So even if you don’t know the first thing on how to create your own product because of lack of talent, ability or inclination to do so, you still can make one.

Using private label rights gives you the ability to not only create a potential money making product but to also devote more time to other activities that can further the success of your online business.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Menno just released a new video series on how to Explore Profitable Niches.