When it comes to switching from traditional photography to the world of digital image capturing, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer number of photographs you’re now able to take, free from the constraints of rolls of film and the prohibitive cost of having photographs developed. Having amassed a large collection, however, it’s vital to find a safe, accessible and effective means of storing them and photo books tick all of these boxes.

If you look through the photo books on sale in the average high street book shop then the first thing you’ll notice, even before opening the photo book in question is the sheer weight of the object in your hands. That’s because the aim of the book is to showcase and highlight the images it contains and, in order to do this, it has to use rich, thick glossy paper and be bound to the highest possible standards. Not only does this enhance the visual impact of the book but it also means that it is an attractive and desirable object in its’ own right.

In most cases, books like this will be dedicated to the work of a particular photographer, or else to chronicling the life of a celebrity such as a film star or sporting hero. Advances in the field of digital photography, however, mean that it’s actually possible for anyone with a large number of images in their collection to fashion a book of their own, printed and constructed to the same exacting standards. In the past, if you wanted to collect your favorite photographs between the covers of a book then this usually meant creating photo albums. Whilst an album such as this would be a treasured memento, it would also be fairly unprepossessing to look at, with photographs glued onto the pages of a scrapbook which was bound to deteriorate as the years went by.

If you choose to make your own picture book, on the other hand, you’ll be creating a memento or gift which is put together to the highest professional standards and which will showcase your photographs at their very best for years to come. Creating online photo books is almost as straightforward as printing off a set of digital photographs or crafting individual personalized greeting cards. A quick online search will yield the best website to make photo books on, and once you’ve found it you just have to upload the images you’ve chosen. You may want to create a family photograph album, highlighting the life of your children as they grow up, or perhaps you’ll put together a book to give as a gift, an ‘Illustrated History’ type of volume to give to a couple on the event of a special anniversary. The range of online photo books – from deluxe, leather bound hard covered tomes to small, cheerful, softback, smaller booklets – is such that you’re bound to be able to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Having uploaded the images you’ve selected, you’ll be able to use specially created software to put the book itself together. This software has been designed to keep the process as simple as it can be, guiding you forward in a series of small, logical steps as you select options such as the size and shape of the book, the design and material of the covers and the layout of each page. By the time you’re shifting the images around, adding text and previewing the finished results you’ll probably find you’re actually having fun.

There are so many photo books to make online that you’ll probably end up making more than one – some to give as gifts, some to celebrate specific events such as holidays or weddings and some to have for yourself, to take down from the shelf and leaf through whenever you want to travel down memory lane in style.

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Using your own photographs to create distinctive and unique items is now quicker and easier than merely having your photographs printed used to be. Whether you create online photo books to grace your own bookshelves or photo greeting cards to delight friends and loved ones, you’ll be crafting items which are totally personal yet still produced to the highest possible standards.