Whatever follows “I AM” comes looking for you.

I AM happy.

I AM healthy.

I AM prosperous.

I AM creative.

I AM abundant.

I AM healthy.

I AM generous.

I AM kind.

I AM loving to animals.

I AM connected to Source.

Who must I be to live the life I dream of?

What must I do to live the life I claim I want?

What am I willing to do to be the person I know I can be?

Life is more about what I think, believe and do then it is what happens.

Plant Based Eating for Health

Compassion to animals, care of my health, love of the planet.

I AM Plant Based

I AM Compassionate to animals through what I eat.

I AM Loving to My Health and Body by what I consume.

I AM Kind to the planet by the choices I make.

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Specializing in working with businesses who believe a healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce, Kathleen discovered the life-changing power of plant-based eating in her sixties. Seeing what it did for her energy, focus, creativity and waistline, Kathleen loves working with those who are open to the possibility of what plant-based eating can do for them and their bottom-line (both the one they sit on and the one that reflects their revenues) Access her FREE ebook – Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Eating at http://www.plantbasedeatingforhealth.com/guide and visit her plant based blog at http://www.plantbasedeatingforhealth.com Join the FB group Plant Based Eating for Health. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PlantBasedEatingforHealth/