Putting works of art up on the walls of your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making sure it really feels like it belongs to you. The images you choose are intended to be more than merely aesthetically pleasing, they are also a way of expressing your personality and the image which you want the world to take away with them. Canvas prints are a highly effective yet relatively inexpensive means of doing just this.

Finding just the right prints to put up on the walls of your home is often easier said than done. Despite the plethora of art shops, galleries and furniture outlets which stock prints, the problem which you’ll often come across is that of being faced with the same tired old images over and over again. Indeed, that problem is what lies at the heart of the difficulty of buying and displaying canvas prints. Purchasing art is all about displaying individuality, but how individual can anything be if you’re aware of the fact that it’s mass produced, and that the very same print will be up on the wall of hundreds if not thousands of other people’s homes? One way around this is to use your own digital photographs to make prints which are unique. Whereas this would once have been open only to experts with the right equipment, it’s now possible for anyone with digital photographs and internet access to create prints which are more than a match for those you can buy. Simply upload the image of your choice and then use the software to choose the size and shape of the print, as well as any extra features such as sepia or monochrome printing. The finished item will be printed using the very latest technology onto the very best canvas, meaning it will be both stunning and hard wearing.

The same principles apply to photo calendars, which can be put together around a selection of your favourite images. The software allows you to design and plan the layout of each month, and choose features such as pre-printed important dates and even a calendar which doesn’t have to start in January. If you don’t wish to create gifts of your own, you could instead design and print Easter greetings cards which utilise your own favourite image and capture exactly what you feel about this special day. Designing greeting cards online is incredibly simple, and you can add text and tweak the size and shape of the card until it’s exactly as you wish it to be. Making greeting cards online requires neither specific skill, nor experience, since the software has been specifically designed to be totally user friendly and instinctive in nature. Although cards, calendars and prints are clearly very different items, one thing they all share in common is that they reflect the boundless possibilities now opened up by the flexibility of digital technology. Creating items of a professional quality has been made quick, simple and affordable, and the finished items will be a perfect mix of excellence and emotion.

Using your own photographs to create objects has never been easier than it is now, and the finished products, as well as being uniquely personal in nature, will be put together to a standard which more than matches that of goods offered for sale on the high street. From key rings to canvas prints, bespoke photo books to greeting cards, they’ll let you show the person you give them to just how special they are to you.

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take advantage of the digital revolution. Using your photographs to make personalized photo calendars or canvas prints will mean you’re handing over something which will truly move anyone who receives it.