If you are like me, one of those people who enjoys searching for different ways to earn or make money online, you've probably come across a number of sites looking for people to work together as a team in order to be successful. Matrix programs are just one example of the team approach .The team's success depends upon its members working together as a whole for a common goal, to make money online. Some programs even offer the chance to make multiple streams of income. Unfortunately not many of these sites have been successful. However, I do believe they can be. Now I know I might be going out on a limb here, however, I honestly believe a team program can be successful but the team leader(s) and the team members must possess certain important attributes.

If you want to create wealth by being a team player, you must:

1. Be patient - It takes time to be successful at any legitimate online money making opportunity. The money does not just start rolling in. Make sure you have the fortitude to stick with it. There are enough people online jumping from one money making opportunity to another looking for that ever elusive fast buck. I know of one member in a matrix program who said he would join the team as long as he started making money within 30 days. Now how successful do you think he is going to be ?

2. Have faith - It is very important that you have a steadfast belief in yourself, your fellow team members, the team leader(s), and the program. You would be surprised at how fast doubt can cause a cascading effect that will ruin any team endeavor. It spreads like cancer, quickly and destructively.

3. Be coachable - You have to be able to keep an open mind and learn according to the directions set forth by the team leader. The program that you are in is designed to help you earn or make money online. Do not try to reinvent the wheel and do not join the program if you think you know better than the team leader(s). Make sure you follow the directions and don't try to do things according to the way you want to do them. If you do, forget about reaching any type of financial goals you may have had for yourself.

4. Understand the big picture - Sure I joined the affiliate program that I am in to create wealth for myself, but more importantly I joined because I want to establish a college fund for my granddaughter Izzy. Every program has it's ups and downs. There are no exceptions. If your program hits a snag in the road, remember why you joined in the first place and give that some serious thought. Think of that family member, friend or other selfless reason why you joined your team in the first place.

5. Be productive - You will always have to do your share of the work. This typically has to do with generating enough traffic to your affiliate site in order for you to get paid. Do not leave it up to your teammates to do all of the work. In fact the affiliate program I am a member of has an outstanding leader who is absolutely passionate about helping her members succeed. Marketing resources and tools are offered to members free of charge, including weekly webinars and there is free guidance from a professional internet marketer, but all team members are individually responsible for their own success.

6. Be supportive – Many programs have a forum. Believe me, if you read the forum, you'll know when a member needs support. Providing team members with support through your posts is an outstanding way to keep one and other motivated.

7. Be self-motivated - If I do not follow my daily online routine then I am not honoring the commitment I made to my team leader and my teams members, I certainly will not make money and my granddaughter will not have a college fund. Knowing that keeps me motivated enough to produce at my very best everyday. Everyone should have their own way of motivating themselves. What is yours?

Make sure you review these attributes at least one more time before joining any team program online. If you believe you have what it takes, then go for it. After all, the old saying is true, in unity there is strength, or in this case, wealth.

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Dave Kanofsky is a proud affiliate team member of Wealth Creations Network. Wealth Creations Network is a wealth building club that will empower you to make money online with free marketing tools and resources and you will never be asked to pay any money out of pocket. Join now and make money free.