Having your own website is the popular thing among brides to be today. No one wants to be without one. The problem with having your website is that it can easily eat away at your wedding budget. Some hosts charge outrageous fees and this can put a pinch on you that you were not prepared for. The focus has shifted to finding the free wedding website host and there are more of them than you might think.

You become the programmer and the site is your own design. If this is what has you in a titter then read on. This article will give you some great tips on how to create your own personal free wedding website and how to do it quickly.

The biggest thing you will have to contend with is choosing the domain name. Most couples opt to use a name that goes along with the theme of the wedding. Once you have chosen the domain name and registered it you can get down to the actual designing. A lot of free wedding planner websites use templates; these are fine if you want less control.

The less you use of the ready made wedding planner website templates the more control you have over what goes on your pages. The wedding website can be a great help to you. You can upload photos of major events, from choosing the rings to the rehearsal dinner. You can create pages that have maps and directions to the venue. This will cut down on the number of phone calls on the big day.

You can create a page that has all of the RSVP’s listed on it as they come in all you do is update it. This also saves you time, eliminating the need to answers these inquiries. You can also get advice on wedding invitations form friends and family near and far by posting your choices online and letting the people vote on them. It is the simplest way of sending your wedding invitations to all your guests and get the response from them with additional information like number of adults, children, food habits, drinker, smoker etc. With these details and the positive response you can get an idea about the guest count thereby plan the catering and other works accordingly. At last you can send a thank you note to your guests with just a single click with the wedding planner app.

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