Many women love being bought a beautiful gift but often it can be difficult finding a gift each time an occasion comes round but by purchasing a charm bracelet from Lily Beads you will find that you will have a gift which you can build upon year by year.

The first time you buy the charm bracelet as a gift you should purchase the bracelet and a few different charms, then each time an occasion comes round you can buy a new charm for the bracelet. You can purchase silver charms or glass beads, which add colour and variety to a bracelet, a charm bracelet also allows other people the opportunity to purchase charms for a bracelet when they are struggling to find a gift.

These charm bracelets where the charms slide onto the bracelet rather than clip on are very popular with women of all ages and make the perfect gift for young girls especially as birthday gifts.

Many of these charm bracelets such as the Pandora bracelet can be very expensive however if you choose to purchase your charm bracelet from Lily Beads you will find that this kind of charm bracelet can be very affordable meaning you can buy multiple beads as gifts and you can very affordably purchase a made up bracelet as a gift.

On the Lily Beads website you can create your own charm bracelet, you can choose the size you want your bracelet to be and then you can add the different glass beads you want on your bracelet, you can choose to stick within a colour scheme or you can make your own up as you go along. The beads available come in a variety of different colours such as white, black, blue, pink, green and more, some beads are multicoloured meaning you could add them to a bracelet which is made up of any of the colours within the bead.

Lily Beads also over a range of sterling silver charms, which come in a variety of different designs, some are in the form of animals, while others may be love hearts and you can even get charms which are in ages making them perfect as a gift for 16th, 18th or 21st birthday. They also offer a range of square lettered charms meaning you can create a bracelet with the receivers name on or you could put a message on such as ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ you can create anything you like.

Maybe you like the drop charm of the traditional charm bracelet but love that with these new charm bracelets the charms slide onto the bracelet well you can easily have the best of both worlds with the drop charms available from Lily Beads, with a range of drop charms from stars and hearts to cars and motorbikes you will very easily find drop charms that you love.

Lily Beads offer a range of spacers and stoppers so that you can ensure that your bracelet does not become too cluttered with charms and the stoppers are perfect to have at the end of your bracelet as you can ensure that when you take your bracelet off your beads will not go flying anywhere and you won’t be at risk of losing them.

To help you find charms for your bracelet Lily Beads have a page of their most popular charms allowing you to see what other people are buying from them and which you may also like, seeing the popular charms may make it easier for you to decide what to put on a bracelet especially if you are creating a whole bracelet as a gift or even if you’re just buying charms as a gift.

Lily Beads offer a wide range of high quality and affordable charm bracelets and charm beads which makes them the perfect place to go to when you want to create the ideal gift.

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