Personalized photo calendars offer a unique combination of the useful and the touching. As practical as any other kind of wall calendar, and just as easy to use, they none the less boast the advantage of being one of those rare household items which will bring pleasure each and every time they’re used.

There’s a simple reason why almost every house in the country has a couple of photo calendars pinned up on the walls and that reason is that they work. If you’ve got a family and need to keep track of exactly where everyone needs to be and when they need to be there, then a calendar such as this is far and away the best means of doing so. Despite the plethora of hi-tech hand held devices which are now available, if you want to make a note of birthdays, schools holidays and doctor’s appointments, then nothing makes it as easy as a calendar does. After all, ‘inputting’ the information is as simple as picking up a pen and jotting down the details on the relevant dates, and ‘accessing’ this information requires nothing more than the turning of a couple of pages. There’s never any concern over the memory being full up, or the power failing and your information being lost, meaning that something as defiantly lo-tech as a calendar manages to trump devices which are at the cutting edge of technology.

All of that aside, however, the downside which has to be faced is that the average calendar is somewhat less than appealing to look at. Since you’re going to be hanging it in a prominent position in your home, and looking at it more or less every single day, this is rather more than just a minor drawback. That drawback may be why giving a photo calendar as a gift to your mum has, in the past, not been that popular as a choice. Making one of your own, however, as part of the range of mothers’ day photo gifts which are available, alters this perception entirely. The flexibility of digital imagery means that it is possible to build a calendar entirely around handpicked selections from your own photograph collection. As a gift to fill a Mum with joy there are few things more apt than a calendar featuring images of their pride and joy on each and every month of the year. Making just such a calendar to a professional standard may once have seemed a farfetched idea, but now it’s been made incredibly easy. Upload the images you’ve chosen to the website in question and then utilise the software to design the layout of each individual page, choosing between dramatic large scale images or a more dynamic mosaic effect. Every other feature of the calendar is yours to modify, from the shape to the month on which it starts, and the finished product will be of the highest possible quality.

The same flexibility and luxury production standards are applied to the manufacture of canvas prints which can be created using your own photographs, meaning that the art on the walls of your home, or which you give as a gift can be truly personal and utterly unique.

The range of Mothers day photo gifts stretches from small novelty items such as fridge magnets and key rings to larger items like photo calendars and bespoke books. The one thing which they all have in common is that they demonstrate just how much time and trouble you’ve gone to.

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