As you travel on your journey towards the success you desire, you obviously understand the importance of having a purpose, vision, mission, a set of very clearly defined goals and finally individual goal specific actions, which you will carry out every day. Once you have this crucial structure in place and you are completely committed to achieving your goals. There are a few tools you can use to support you on your journey.

Positive affirmation is one, which helps you to overcome negative self-talk, build belief and encourages you to engage in daily goal specific supportive behaviors or routines, which will support your success. Another powerful support tool is visualization. This is a process where you create a crystal clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want to achieve in the future and then with all the emotion, energy and conviction you can muster. You visualize yourself, living exactly that life. Your brain is unable to tell the difference between a visualized and a real experience. So over time as you visualize yourself living this perfect life, you encourage the right behavior, which will support the daily goal specific activity, necessary to invite the success you want into your experience.

One of the best ways to help you create the vivid pictures you want, which will then serve as the focal point for your daily visualization practice, is a vision board or vision book. These are simply a book or a board, which you fill with pictures, photos or concepts, depicting exactly how you want to see your life turn out in the future. Your vision book or board is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. It’s a physical book or a board, similar to a scrap book, or a notice board (as fancy as a framed photo assemblage or as simple as a presentation board), where you assemble photos, inspirational words and quotes, and other items, which represent the achievement of your desired goals.

All or One

You can create a vision book or board that encompasses all of your goals in each area of your life, or make several, which each illustrate one goal or one area of focus. You may find that you want to create one for your personal life, and another for your business-related goals, which you keep at work. Depending on your environment, you might find it helpful to have the vision book open, on your desk, or placed in a spot where you can see it as often as possible.

Regardless of where you keep it, refer to it daily and whenever you need to re-focus or re-energize yourself. The images on your vision board or in your vision book, will help to stimulate those all-important feeling, which will help you to actually feel and experience all the positive feel good emotions you will feel, when you actually do achieve the success you have envisioned. These positive emotions, which your vision board or book will conjure up, can very often help you to overcome a roadblock or challenge, which you may encounter or if repeated daily, inspire you to take the goal specific actions you need to take, to ensure your sustainable success.
Guidelines for Creating Your Vision Book
As you create your personal vision book, remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

It’s Your Map to Your Future

These are your dreams, and so naturally you’ll want to be selective about what goes in the book and how neat and organized you keep it. Look for images from magazines, photographs, and words that best represent your dream, your purpose, and your ideal future. Keep them upbeat and positive. As you build your vision board, know that it is a collage of your future. Build it wisely and allow your mind to visualize possibilities, which will stretch and challenge you.

Achievement Board

As you achieve things on your vision board, take them off and transfer them onto your achievement board. This gives you a way to reward your successes and a physical representation of all the successes you have enjoyed. Whenever you feel like nothing is working and you cannot seem to make any progress. Visit your achievement board and use the positive feeling of satisfaction, which came with achieving and transferring those successes onto your achievement board. This will help you to inspire yourself and to know that if you keep taking action daily, you will eventually succeed.

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