When we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed in life, it’s easy to see ourselves as that struggling, small self. We can get stuck in this limiting view. But who you are and what you are capable of achieving is so much more than that. And it’s the challenges and struggles in life that help us evolve into all we are capable of becoming. That is how we manifest the beauty and power within us. This is how we can live with full wattage.

Just look at the life of any “Great One” and you will quickly realize this is true. Very few (if indeed any) achieved greatness without facing trials and challenges. Often they had to stare their failures in the face and not let their lack of visible success stop them.

They prove this simple secret to success: Do not identify with the part of you that is small and struggling. Step outside of the limited view of who you are. Remember that you are magnificent beyond compare. That is the truth about who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe that truth yet. Over time, it’s possible to build a successful, joy-filled, expansive, abundant, happy, enthusiastic self-image. As you do, you will notice profound changes in your life, because how you view yourself greatly impacts every area of your life.

Yet, banishing self-doubt and focusing on your potential can be challenging, especially when you’re in the thick of obstacles. So, any time you find your mind dwelling on an image of yourself that is too small; keep bringing your attention back to your unlimited, expansive self.

It’s time to step it up, get bigger about who you are, and live with Full Wattage!

One of the most powerful ways to change your self-image is to replace negative thought forms with positive ones. So take time each day to visualize how you would like to be. Here are a few questions to help you focus.

• How would you like to be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

• What is your ideal body image?

• Are there any emotional qualities you would like to

• What about mental or spiritual attributes?

The more you visualize your ideal self image, the more you will actualize it in your life. This doesn’t happen as a result of wishful thinking; it happens because you are activating and releasing the inner potential that is currently dormant within you. You are waking up your CORE. You are creating yourself anew from the inside out, living your life with full wattage.

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Excerpted from the book, Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to Living an Engaging and Purposeful Life Worth Celebrating by Liz Fletcher Brown. Get your free chapters as well as tips and tools to live a balanced, joy-filled life at http://www.FullWattage.com