I always say in business you usually have to invest either time or money. Most strategies will require both, but are likely to lean more toward one or the other. For true freedom and success you should always opt for time options. Time options are more residual. You put in the hard work at the start, and whatever you have created stays there and continues to bring you business. With money strategies they nearly always involve a continuing payment for the service (such as a monthly subscription, paying for ads or clicks etc). The ultimate goal is to free up both your time and money and have your business as residual as you can make it.

Money strategies could be ppc, banner ads, ezine ads, outsourcing to a company, etc. These all work and work well, but if you don't know what you are doing you can really lose your shirt before you start to make money. No money equals no website traffic and you're dead in the water The one main benefit of a money option is it can usually drive traffic to you quickly. Make sure you have learned whatever you can about your strategy before getting started. If this is too much work you could opt to hand your campaign over to a management company. Make sure that you've researched the company to know you are making the best choice for your business.

Time strategies are the real internet gold mine. Most new marketers actually prefer to just put money in rather than invest their time even if they are low on capital. So those people who are willing to put in the hard work have a much larger reach. It's like fishing. The paid advertisers are all using the same holes and fighting over fish. So get out of the hole and out to sea.

Time strategies allow you to share your voice. Write a blog or articles, shoot a video, create a website where you brand yourself, talk on social networks and make relationships with people online. People who find you through these sites will see you as an expert in your field and feel a connection with you. You'll get serious prospects who are interested in what you have to say, instead of people who clicked on an ad and don't have a clue who you are.

If you feel that you don't have much time or money to invest you can still get your business off the ground quickly just follow a simple plan:
-Create a small budget and start a few paid ads just to get traffic to your site quickly. You need to work on money making tasks (talk to leads, doing business) as quick as you can.
-Pick and learn about the time strategy that suits you best. Set aside a small budget for the tools that will facilitate getting yourself up and running quickly with this.
-Plan time in your day to impliment your strategy. Set yourself a daily amount of work, for example 1 new article and 1 video marketed to different bookmarking services.

This doesn't need to be hard. Marketing can be really fun when you are doing it in a way that appeals to you. And it's really exciting when you start to see results. And most importantly: Marketing should come second, your business and your goals should always remain your primary focus.

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