In network marketing leadership and leadership styles is a much discussed topic. I think the best is the most overlooked style: Facilitative leadership.
Facilitative leaders have a vision, and a basic idea of how to get there, but facilitate the growth of the others in their group in the process. They support group members in looking for new ideas and making new connections. They guide their team toward useful solutions and make sure they are supported when needed.
In a home based or network marketing business if you are coaching a team and assisting them in their own business goals, you want your team to take on the leadership role themselves. You must empower your team to see their business as their own. One easy test of your leadership is to ask yourself are people looking to you for approval before they make a decision. If so you are not leading them to success. Your role is always to steer them the right way, but let them learn what they need to know and make decisions themselves.
The worst mistake you can make is to decide that you being a leader makes your team members followers. You have to make sure NEVER to try to force your teammembers into following your exact path, your exact way of doing things even if you are massively succesful. Trying to copy someone else will keep your team from ever achieving success.
So how can you rein it in? It seems logical to have your team duplicate your exact system for success. But the most important thing is, it's not what you are doing, but how you're doing it. People follow leaders, not followers. So they look for confidence, excitement and someone they feel can assist them. Someone who is simply trying to follow someone else's formula will not have the chance to grow their confidence and excitement. They will stay forever in follower mode.
You must get your followers to become leaders right at the start, and the best way to do this is facilitative leadership. Here are some things you can do to assist them:
-Make sure they know what options they have (types of marketing, talking to leads, etc) and then let them do the research into their options before they decide what to do. You can tell them what choices you made and help them discuss which option is right for them.
-Ask them what appeals to them, what are they excited about. Sit back and listen. Stop them from engaging in any limiting talk or excuses and steer them back towards solution oriented talk.
-Have team calls and let them talk to each other! Of course again you want to introduce a topic of discussion and give your feelings on the topic, but also encourage your team to discuss themselves.

Don't expect your team members to be you! Encourage them to use their own strengths and preferences, and become a leader in their own right. Your own belief in your team and your own leadership will grow and grow with each person that you assist in their own leadership. Your results will soar. Here as with everything by assisting your team, you will also be assisting yourself.

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