It’s December already. I feel as though I was just standing on my front lawn a little after midnight on New Year’s Eve, standing in the rain and letting it wash away the previous year while nourishing the soil for the adventures to come. Then I blinked. Now it’s December. Time to prepare for a fresh start in 2008. I’m not sure I’m done with all I planned for this year yet! Sure, I’ve leapt forward in some areas, I’ve cleaned out a few closets, I’ve gained some valuable knowledge, but there was more on that list. If only I could find that list.

How do we start priming our psyche for a new beginning? In reality, the transition is usually pretty seamless – with a little champagne, friends and some colorful confetti. January 1st leaves us standing in the same body, with the same perspective and the same life. So, what’s the fuss all about?

Transitions are exciting. Moving, going after a dream, finding a new job, falling in love – these transitions make us feel alive. Our forward momentum is palpable and scary and at the same time thrilling and tangible. So New Years represents full editing rights to your life.

Creating a dynamic 2008:

What do you want to accomplish in 2008? Create a list of accomplishments for the next twelve deliriously happy months as you create forward progress…

What will you take with you into the New Year? Pinpoint the energizing memories from 2007 that you would like to experience again and again…

What patterns would you like to leave behind in 2007? Create a plan to banish potential brick walls by defining moments in your life that caused pain or frustration…

What intentions would you set for your well being? Set a few mantras for yourself in regards to your mood and progress in ’08…

What is your BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) for 2008? Name the spine tingling, pulse racing goal that makes you shiver with excitement just to think about…

Positive Affirmations:
I don’t think we remind ourselves enough that we make our own choices. We choose to be consumed with frustration or anger, happiness or joy. We choose to be complacent or to tackle something new and different. Our intentions begin with clarity. Listen closely to the whispers that escape from your soul, filled with truth about your deepest fears, frustrations and desires. Begin to set positive intentions around these whispers. Create mini-mantras to travel into 2008 with. You should gain strength from each mantra when you repeat it to yourself. These are “I deserve to indulge in all of my decadent dreams” type of statements. OWN your mantras. Define your strength and progress with each descriptive word. Make sure all of your senses come to life as you repeat your mantra.

New Year’s Resolutions:
In the past, I never made New Year’s Resolutions, but two years ago I had a particularly rough year and decided to make two:
1. Be on a mountaintop in some way – climbing, hiking, driving – every weekend of the year. I started inviting everyone I knew to join me, hoping that at least one person would be able to each weekend. I think I only missed 4 weekends out of the entire year. I gained more passion for the outdoors and a steady group of hikers who now hike with me once a weekend. This was the best resolution I ever set!
2. Make each year better than the last. This is a life resolution. I control the happiness of my life and each year I have a responsibility to myself to make myself happier than I’ve ever been.

2008 is YOUR Year:
2008 can only be as great as you want (and let!) it be. Get together with some friends this holiday season, or have a more intimate date with just your journal and have a “new beginning” party. Map out your success in 2008, your general attitude and your mood for the year to come. Use your creativity to create a visual reminder, like a card, that you can put in your wallet, on your bathroom mirror or by your desk at work. Ask your friends to support you with reminders later if you fall into a funk or stray from your goals.

Keep your reminder close to you and don’t give up during those “nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” type of days. They are only temporary. The more you practice an intentionally positive mindset, the fewer rough days you will have. Find your center, love your core, be your unique self and let your light shine bright.

Most importantly though: CREATE YOUR OWN 2008!

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Katie Mattson is the owner and professional coach of Momentum Coaching. Katie acts as a catalyst for individuals and small groups to stretch their personal boundaries, face their fears and take big leaps. By creating awareness and motivation, Katie helps her clients to have the courage to create easier transitions in career and life.

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