Butterflies are among the most beautiful and elegant creatures in the gardening world, with their bright colors and graceful flutter, they can brighten even the dreariest environment. Watching butterflies can provide a fun, peaceful, and educational pass time for any family, with children or without.

Creating an environment, for butterflies to thrive in, which includes food, water, a place to raise their young, and shelter can attract many of these beautiful creatures into your yard. Creating the environment is relatively simple, although you will have to work around sprinkler systems and other basic landscaping elements.

The first important thing to do is to choose the proper location for your butterfly garden. The ideal location is sunny, as butterflies prefer sunny locations. It is also important to recognize that many of the plants that provide nectar are or host plants need full sun for best growth.

Consider also the species of butterflies that are native to your area. Check with your local Depart of Natural Resources for information about specific butterflies. Knowing which butterflies are specific to your area will allow you to select which plants to include in your garden.

The next step is to choose which plants you will include in your garden and to plant them in your designated area. Many different types of perennials, annuals, wildflowers and shrubs will attract butterflies. Consider planting butterfly bush, coneflower, salvia, milkweed, ironweed, Queen Anne’s lace, lilacs, petunias and phlox.

Do not forget either to add a water source, Butterflies sip from shallow puddles to absorb minerals. Consider using small dish filled with sand and rocks filled with just enough water to moisten the sand.

It is important as well to consider the host plants that you will use to provide a place for butterflies to lay eggs and provide nourishment for their young. For example, Monarch butterflies tend to lay eggs on milkweed plants and the young caterpillars will feed on the leaves and stems. Various butterflies prefer various types of plants.

Finally, consider which plants you will plant that butterflies can use as shelter. Shelter plants are generally tall bushes, shrubs, or trees near the butterfly garden. Some of the plants and trees butterflies have been known to use are lilacs, willow trees, butterfly bushes or tall ornamental grasses.

Again, creating a butterfly garden can provide a unique and beautiful aspect to your yard. Consider putting a bench next to the garden so you and your loved ones, or even just someone passing by can sit and admire the beauty of nature. Just remember to make sure your sprinklers are not timed for when you go out to and watch.

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