We are constantly being bombarded with information, but is the information you are being bombarded with helping you or hurting you?

Odds are you have created some type of daily routine or ritual — wake up, get coffee, read the paper, listen to the news, etc. But are you aware of what you listen to, read, or see on a daily basis actually affects you in some way?

Let me give you a good example, if you are a news watcher perhaps you turn on the news and hear a story of a baby being killed — how does that make you feel? Not exactly the best way to start your day, is it?

However, odds are, you don’t change this routine and instead you allow yourself to be inundated with information that is bringing down your emotions, your mental attitude, and overall outlook on life. Not to mention, what we surround our self with actually has a physical effect on the body.

Think about your day or your daily ritual — what is in your life? Do you surround yourself with gossip? Do you watch the news or read the paper? Do you, when picking out a movie, pick the scariest flick you can find? Are your friends positive or negative in their mindset?

Here are some quick and easy tips to change your personal environment:

Don’t listen to the News or Read the Papers — Instead, search for positive news stories on the internet and begin subscribing to the RSS feed of that particular place.

When picking a movie — Pick uplifting and inspiring movies — moves that touch the heart! In fact, if you ask me, I can provide you with a link to a subscription site where you can get these types of moves for around $20 per month. You get 4 movies each month and are able to keep them — NO RETURNS OR LATE FEES!

Read books that uplift, inspire, and motivate you — food for your mind.

Listen to music that relaxes you — Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Celtic Music, Native American Music, Tony Selvage, etc. — have this playing softly in the background while you are doing house work, reading a book, playing with the kids, etc.

Take time to meditate every day — even if it’s only for 10 – 15 minutes.

Don’t partake in conversations with negative or gossipy people

Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a World Renowned Psychic Medium and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences. You can visit his website, psychicwilliamconstantine.com or drwilliamconstantine.com, or find him on twitter at @wmconstantine .