In our world, building your own brand and establishing strong professional connections are vital steps to successful career development. And the best platform for that is LinkedIn. With over 450 million users, LinkedIn is the world's largest social network for professionals. It's your digital resume, network of important contacts, source of news and inspiration in one online platform.

It is possible that you have decided to create your profile, or improve it, contact your colleagues or find a new job. We'll cover how to create a professional LinkedIn profile, grow your network, find jobs, join groups, share your own thoughts, and post original content. You can also connect with linkedin profile writers, who will turn your social media page into a powerful career tool that attracts recruiters and invites you to interviews.

I’ll make a reservation right away that LinkedIn is more widely represented in the English-speaking segment.

Therefore, you can create an account here for two reasons:

- First, you manage your LinkedIn profile so that when the network starts gaining popularity with us, you are fully prepared. But you don't have to wait, you can find a suitable job here too;
- Secondly, you have a desire to work in a foreign company, and are even ready to leave the territory of your country. Here you will have many options for self-realization.

Create resume sections

Your resume is an extremely important part of your profile. You should spend enough time to get everything right, because this is the part that potential employers will proofread.

This is not only an opportunity to showcase some of your achievements, but also an opportunity to share your mission, why you do what you do. This is an opportunity to share your aspirations, explain what value you can provide to a future employer, and show your individuality. It's also a great place to add keywords that will help make you more visible in search results.

Network creation. Groups in linkedin

One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that you can quickly and efficiently build a powerful network of acquaintances. LinkedIn differs from other social networks in that it is designed to connect with people on a more professional level. Connecting with people is a very important part here, and you get what you give. If you add new members, add value to them in the form of recommendations, then you get the same in return. Therefore, building your own network is an important part of managing your LinkedIn profile.

How to search for a job on linkedIn. Job Search

When using the LinkedIn platform to search for jobs, people, companies, groups, and more, you have access to powerful search filters that I highly recommend using.

Promotion in linkedin. Delete linkedin account

Companies on LinkedIn are more likely to find you than you find them. You must understand that this is, first of all, a social network for professional communication and building your own network of contacts, and then a job search service. The main goal is to stand out from the general crowd of candidates so that every company sees you as a valuable employee.

Considering everything I have said, you should be active here in building a network of professionals around you, and sharing expert opinion yourself.


Now I suggest you create your LinkedIn profile. Of course, it will take time for you to build a great network and set up a useful news feed. Start connecting with like-minded people, explore other features, write and publish articles and posts, share content and leave recommendations. And, most importantly, constantly improve your profile.

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Success writer for business magazine.