Many people don’t realize just how important it is to create a positive web presence when in the midst of a job search. Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that a major employer will spend some time Google-ing you before they decide whether they want to consider you as a candidate. So instead of avoiding creating a web presence, it’s good to just dive right in and get started.

Get Social Networking Profiles
One of the first steps to consider when creating your web presence is acquiring some social networking profiles. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the key sites because they allow you to connect with millions of other professionals in a variety of ways. Also, they help to get your name listed in the search engines so that if a recruiter Google’s you, you’re there and you’re a professional.

Purchase a Domain in Your Name
Another way to create a web presence is to purchase a domain in your name. There are a few good reasons for doing this. First, you get to control what is put out there about you by adding another listing in the searching engines. Second, you get to take the name before someone else does - someone who could ruin your name’s reputation. And third, purchasing a domain using costs less than $10 for an entire year.

Start a Blog
Some job seekers have found success in their search after starting a blog that’s relevant in their field. By starting a blog, you add to your web presence, increase the listings in search engines under your name and show recruiters that you’re knowledgeable in your field. Depending on the success of your blog, you could even find that you don’t need to find a job. Some bloggers have been able to support themselves with their blogs alone - after a lot of hard work and dedication, of course.

Network with Care
When you social network and begin making connections, it’s good to make sure that you also network with care. In the middle of your networking, you’re bound to run into old friends from college and probably some old high school buddies as well. This is great. But be sure to keep your wild frat and sorority stories to a minimum. In fact, it’s better to reminisce about them in private messages. If you’re concerned that your professional and personal lives won’t mix well then leave your social networking sites for professional purposes only.

Manage You’re Web Presence
Once you’ve created your social networking profiles, purchased your domain name and started a blog, it’s good to make sure that you keep your online presence current. This means sending out updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages and keeping your blog up-to-date. Also, if you’ve purchased your domain, you could create a simple web page that directs readers to your other profiles.

Creating a web presence is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to light a fire under your job search. So if you haven’t already hopped on this bandwagon, there’s no better time than now to get started.

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