When we create an altar in our home or our garden we take the time to honor our intention to grow spiritually. An altar can be located anywhere in your home; it can be large or small, simple or elaborate. It is best if you place it in a quiet area where it won’t be disturbed. Well-intentioned friends may be attracted to the objects you have placed on your altar and automatically pick something up to admire. While you may love this friend dearly, you do not want your altar to take on the energy of others. If your altar is in a location that is within reach of visitors, you may want to post a simple sign asking others not to touch the altar. It is important that your altar be maintained as a sacred place.

If your space is limited you might consider using a tray that can be stored when not in use. Just like a table altar, choose your sacred items but on smaller scale. Also, consider building an altar in your garden. Outside altars provide the perfect opportunity for connecting more strongly with Mother Earth. If you don’t have a garden, consider bringing your altar tray out of doors. Meditating outside feeling the energy of the Earth and the light of the stars can be a powerful experience.

If you are a frequent traveler you can put together a small altar that you can take with you. You can either choose some of the smaller objects from your home altar that will travel well, or you might want to create a separate traveling altar. The hotel bedside table is a great place for your items.

There is no right or wrong way to create an altar. You should design what seems right to you.
This becomes your sacred place for meditating and contemplation.

Here are some things to consider for your altar:
•Any small table can be used, or even a tray that can be stored out of the way and taken out for meditation time.
•Put your altar in a place where it will not be disturbed and allows you enough room to be comfortable when meditating.
•If you wish, you can add a simple cloth to serve as an anchor for the items placed on your altar. There is an assortment of altar cloths that can be ordered via the internet.
•One or more candles to burn while you are meditating.
•A visual focus, something to help quiet your mind as you get ready to meditate
•Your favorite crystals
•Flowers, flower petals or some other representation of nature
•If you are working with your totem animals you might include a picture of the animal you are working with.
•A small statue, perhaps a Buddha, cross or other spiritual figure or symbol.
• Add and subtract over time and as your focus changes.
It is important that your altar be maintained as a sacred place. Visitors to your home may admire your altar, but it is important that they are instructed not to touch your items. Their energy, whether positive or negative will be transferred to the object they touch.
Many people like to put together a small altar that they can take with them when they travel. You might want to choose some small items from your altar that will pack easily. The hotel room desk or end table can be set up as your altar.

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I have been a healthcare professional and consultant for several decades. I work with people undergoing life changes and have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from attending professional workshops with Dr. Bennie Segal and Dr. Irving Oyle. Both doctors have had great success helping people undergoing major life change, and in particular Dr Segal's work with cancer patients.

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